Quiet day

The boisterous laughter and silliness and love from last night’s Hamsgiving celebration is a pretty sharp contrast to this morning: a freezing cold, quiet day of slow beginnings, napping pups (Pax was definitely overstimulated last night and loved every minute of it, while poor terrified Remy mostly just hid in the basement), watching football on TV in jammies, leftover ham for lunch, and vroča čokolada later.

This pretty table was heavy with lots of good food, precious family and tons of laughter.

The dining room table was heavy with lots of good food, precious family and tons of laughter.

Hamsgiving is not a long-lasting affair; we start at 5:00, and by 8:00, the house is quiet again, with the only sounds being the Thriller and me, tidying up. Mavis and I really appreciate all he did to help us yesterday, up to and including washing all of the dishes afterwards, which is no small project, as we don’t own a dishwasher. After being up since 3 a.m. and cooking all day, I ran clean out of diesel after putting food away and straightening up, so he did the lion’s share of cleaning the kitchen. (We had kind offers of help from family, of course, but we declined. I guess we’re funny that way.)

While I cluck at the silliness and totally wrong-headed history of the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m very glad we have it. With our kids having busy families of their own, it’s incredibly difficult to get everyone together anymore, and I will jump at every chance I get for it to happen. Awesome night. I’m looking forward to Christmas Eve, when we do it all again. Fun!

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day, fiends, and reflect upon how fortunate and blessed we are!

Fink, hoping for a Bears win for the Thriller today

6 thoughts on “Quiet day

  1. Mavis

    We really are blessed. What a wonderful time we all had, last night. Me – I had such fun with you in the kitchen all day! We really work well as a team, eh?! All the food was delicious, and the company was fantastic. I wish Jason and Jeremy could have been at the table, but they were there in spirit. I’m so thankful to have such a loving family.

    Get some much needed rest today, Lindabird and Thriller. Oh, and we sure did appreciate all the work Thriller did for us! He’s awesome. Go Bears!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well, the Bears didn’t quite make it. Blah — he was mad that Texas lost, too. A terrible football day!

      I’m sure your Js wanted to be here too, Mave. They are missed — one of these days, it’ll happen, I’m tellin’ ya!

  2. David

    Happy Thanksgiving dear Finkster! Though I have moved long, long ago from the fairy tale rendering of this holiday…it remains my favorite. No need for gifts or twinkling lights, nor does the weather determine if it is a good one. Just family, food and a greater consciousness of thankfulness. (OK-football too)
    I love cooking on this day! I have a tradition with my Grand kids on Thanksgiving where they each have their very own can of whipping cream to use as they see fit. It is a tradition that when my Father witnessed it a few years ago nearly sent him over the edge. He from the school where parents doled out portions. I love seeing the absolute joy they get when it rolls around to pie time…makes my heart laugh.
    So…it is 7:00 AM and the bird is cooking away, far too many cups of coffee already consumed…mimosas anyone? Blessings my friend to you and Thriller! Go Bears beat Detroit!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      What a fun tradition! I love having a whole can of that stuff to myself; it’s like tip the thing upside down and let fly. :-D

      So glad you had a great day too. Onward to Christmas!! Yay!!

  3. Suzanne

    That’s great that you had a good day! Our Thanksgiving feast turned out pretty good if I may say so myself! I did have to work a couple of hours but that’s OK, it got me out for a bit and wasn’t a total slug on a day where many calories are consumed. :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      On the other hand, I was a complete slug! I’m glad your feast went well. I’ve already got 99.9% of the Christmas shopping done — just a couple of things more, and it’s on to concert season without the distraction of Christmas shopping. And I never left the house to do any of it. Thumbs up on that!


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