8 thoughts on “Ranty McRantleman

  1. RD

    I hope your day improved as you progressed through it, and that you feel better tonight. I’m headed out to officiate a basketball game. I imagine there will be some whiners in attendance. Is the Finkmobile in the repair shop yet?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Basketball officials putting up with whining? Never hoid of such a thing! :P

      We recently had 2 fans thrown out of a game at Plymouth. One of them said to the players, “Why don’t you play with some class?” HAA

      The official looked at the guy and said, “You’re done. Get out.” It was a laff riot.

      The F-mobile is still in my possession. Seamus is dealing with State Farm (the other guy’s insurance co.); they are being predictably difficult about what they’re “going to be liable for.” WhatEV!!!


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