No, not our fantastic fiend RD from Florida, but RD: Reader’s Digest.

Depending upon who you ask, RD articles are written on a level that most people can understand. My Grandma Johnson was a subscriber, and I think my parents were, too, at some point. I remember turning directly to “Laughter, the Best Medicine” and “Humor in Uniform” to read the silly jokes and anecdotes. Good magazine, clean fun, not overrun with shampoo and car ads. Of course, I haven’t picked one up in years; it could have changed.

Anyway, I happened upon RD.com this morning in Stumbleupon, and came away with some gems you might enjoy on a lazy, rainy Sunday:

I could spend all day there, whoa. But hey, it’s time to shower, straighten up the house, cook Sunday dinner, then get back to writing rhythm section charts, which I gave up on last night so I could watch the amazing Cleveland Indians win another game in the bottom of the 13th. Wahoo!


2 thoughts on “RD

  1. BoomR

    AMEN on the white flour thing. The fact that the whole grains, kernels, etc. take longer to break down is the science behind things like South Beach. Your body works harder/longer to break down those complex whole grains aka “burning more calories” (not to mention having more nutrients).

    HEY – what about NSA whole-wheat flour Chocodoodles?? [[yes, I’ve lost my mind…]]


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Indeedy, sweety — white flour isn’t even food. It’s a chemical, mechanical contrivance with the same properties as heroin and cocaine. OK, I made that last part up, but it sure seems like it, as addicted as this country is to its byproducts.

      Speaking of white flour…I’ve never even thought about wheat (or maybe almond or graham?) flour Doodles. Have to do some research and kitchen testing. Yay for kitchen testing!! Seriously though — I wonder how they’d taste…


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