Revved up

What a great weekend. We actually relaxed some on Friday night, then Saturday was Js all day and overnight, with a great visit from Mavis. Yesterday, it was lunch with Lars and school work, but squeezed in there nicely was a session of prep for my gig with the amazingly talented BoomR in Dallas this June.

Cigar Lounge at Chamberlain’s

We will record on Friday night and Saturday, and then on Saturday night I will join him for a few tunes on his regular engagement at Chamberlain’s Steak & Chop House, back in the Cigar Lounge. It’ll be my first club gig in over 20 years. To say I’m most jacked up about this would be glossing it over.

And of course, it’s not just the making music part; it’s seeing BoomR and BluVox for the first time since summer 2010 that will be the most fun. I might even fall into their awesome swimming pool, if there’s time.

All of this makes me forget that it is now Monday and 33 degrees outside (but with a partly cloudy high of 64 today, it’s much more April-like around these parts). I forgot about it until right now, that is. Time to get back to reality. Blah.

Patience, Finkly. Patience.

3 thoughts on “Revved up

  1. Mavis

    Oh how I WISH I was going to be there to hear you two sing together again! I remember the old days, listening to you and BoomR singing. I want a copy of the recording!!! Can The Thriller video the gig at Chamberlain’s?

    Hang in there, Birdie. Not much longer now!

    1. Mavis

      Forgot to mention how much fun I had with you, Thriller and the J’s! You also made an awesome dinner, honey!!!

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        Thanks, Mave — it was a fun evening!

        And yes, you will definitely get a copy of the project! And we can probably have the Thriller shoot a couple minutes of video for posterity. :-) HA


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