Random Neuron Firings

  1. I think we’d have fewer incidents of insubordination at school if teachers were still allowed to bash a kid up against a locker once in awhile. A little healthy fear is good. Bring back the good old days of the assistant principal with the alligator arms patrolling the hallways and keeping order via extreme prejudice.
  2. Teachers will never be treated as educated professionals so long as they are affiliated with the AFL-CIO.
  3. My fingers and neck are screaming after I played an hour-long rehearsal last night on violin. Ouchy.
  4. Franklin Gutierrez is the cutest player on the Indians roster.
  5. My friend D lost a pillow sham in her house, and it was right in front of her face the whole time. Heh. Glad someone else does that besides me.
  6. As much as I liked (almost) all my seniors, I’m glad they’ve graduated and moved on. I’m already looking forward to what my singers are going to do next year.
  7. I love Pinwheel cookies. Don’t you?
  8. I’m still mad that they canceled The 4400. Really mad.
  9. It’s a sad day when my 6th and 7th graders rave about the latest R-rated movies they’ve seen.
  10. I have four more days of school. Four.
  11. It’s Wednesday morning, and I have yet to begin the 90-page reading assignment I have to discuss on Friday.
  12. Tesla was framed.
  13. I am sick to death of wearing my wool winter coat when it’s almost June.

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