Random Neuron Firings

Today’s RNFs are the result of this morning’s readings, and last night’s observations.

  • Finally, somebody stands up to Shaquille O’Neal. Note to self: beware of anyone who says, “Anyone who knows me knows I’m a comedian.” Ew.
  • Don’t you hate it when you’re reading along, getting into someone’s personal story, only to find out at the bottom of the page that it’s a sales pitch?
  • As much as I’m loving this jazz camp, the drive to Tiffin is starting to wear thin. Here is a picture of the lovely Je-nay-nay, doing her jam session performance. She was delightful, as was Samuel. (I forgot to take a photo of him. Nuts.)
  • How long do you think this guy practiced?
  • I have 5 pages finished on the 10-page project due this Sunday.
  • This going to bed at 1 a.m. is for the birds.
  • Bo Derek was 16 when she started dating John Derek. He was 46.
  • I find it odd that alligators can only be found in the US and China. That’s it. Nowhere else. There are also 1.5 million alligators in the US alone…and less than 1,000 crocodiles.
  • Ever wonder why honey is so easy to digest? (hork)

All right. No more excuses. Time to get back to “The Paper.”

Fink out.

2 thoughts on “RNF V

  1. RD

    Amazing. When I try to pound nails, the nail I hit is the one on my thumb! I think we could certainly say that this guy “hit the nail on the head.”


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