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I have to see the documentary film, Man on Wire. But I don’t know if I can get past the ooky factor, as I am terrified of heights.

Still, I must see it. It’s one of the few films — documentary or otherwise — that has critics and viewers alike using words like “exhilarating” and “unbelievable” to describe it. Indeed, it scored a 100% at RottenTomatoes.com. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those.

I barely remember the event. I was in high school when Phillippe Petit pulled off what was called the “artistic crime of the century.” Eight months in the planning, he and his accomplices somehow dodged WTC security, smuggling in steel rigging days in advance in order to string a cable between the World Trade Center towers. On an early August morning in 1974, Phillippe walked across.

Anyone up to going with me? Looks like it’s playing in Cleveland Heights on 22 August. Sounds like an idea for a birthday present. *hint hint*

Here’s the trailer. It really does look amazing.


Last night I was restless and didn’t feel like starting my reading for class, so I turned on the television. I happened to hit the AMC channel, and The Last Samurai was on. It was actually quite good. Very good, even. Tom Cruise was fabulous.

Apparently, tonight’s AMC feature is Jerry Maguire. Yeah, the one where Cuba Gooding, Jr. made “Show me the money!” a national catch phrase. On the unfortunate side, Cruise actually had to utter the line, “You complete me,” and Renée Zellweger got to say the now-famous gem, “You had me at hello.” I think I’ll pass. Saw it once, and that was enough (even though it won a gaggle of nominations and awards).

But what *did* happen to Cuba Gooding’s star status after he won Best Supporting Actor for that film? Maybe it was just bad roles following As Good as it Gets. He’s a great actor…hmmm…maybe he’ll show up here and set us all straight.


Fink out. Oh — don’t forget to watch the premiere of Mad Men tonight.

Man on Wire image ©2008 Jean-Louis Blondeau / Polaris Images. The Last Samurai image ©2003 Warner Brothers Entertainment.

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