I had to look up the Roman numeral for 40. Rat Fink, Rat Fink. What a donkey.

Random Neuron Firings

I stumbled across an amazing video this morning, featuring scientist and author Arthur C. Clarke. Did he have it nailed or what?

Whaddya think about that, BoomR?! He described parts of your job to a T. Incredible.


I can’t believe it’s been three years already. Luciano Pavarotti died on this day in 2007, from pancreatic cancer. Caruso is considered by many to be the greatest (I’ve heard many recordings from the early 1900s, and he was brilliant for his day), but this is the voice that beats them all, IMO. Pavarotti and Beverly Sills, circa 1976…invincible.


Mad Men was outstanding last night. One of the best I’ve seen. Did anyone else watch it?


Speaking of amazing:  Jerry Lewis is still tirelessly campaigning for “his kids” via his Labor Day telethon, 45 years after debuting the first all-nighter to benefit muscular dystrophy. Awesome indeed.

I think this is a good day to relax, meet Mavis for brunch, see Jake and Justin for a bit, and put in a few hours at school. Vita est bona.


2 thoughts on “RNF XL

  1. BoomR

    I KNOW!! Isn’t that scary he had the vision for this 45+ years ago?? Cisco is definitely all about the tools/technology so that “work is what you do – not where you go” :-) What really blows me away is when I have meetings via TelePresence – it’s like you’re actually sitting across the conference room table from the person:


    I hope you’re not laboring TOO much today! :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Amazing indeed! (I changed your link because it was borked for some reason.)

      I’m off to have dinner with Seamus, Hannah and the grandsons. Great way to end the weekend! Did you guys do anything special?


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