Random Neuron Firings

For the forty-first time since February of 2008, I wonder about stuff. Between RNFs and the “Various & Sundry” category (27 posts there), I conclude that I think far too much about random things. Somewhere, someone’s done a study, the results of which indicate that random daydreaming prolongs life, removes bunions, reduces fever, replaces bone calcium, and reverses the effects of male pattern baldness.


A few days ago, I was honored with a request from our guidance counselor to be a featured speaker on Career Day at the high school in December. I will address a group of 8th-10th graders who have expressed an interest in writing. First thing I will tell them: don’t wait until you’re 48 years old to start blogging every day to hone your skills.

The egg guy testified in court yesterday, assuring the panel that his company would make “sweeping biosecurity and food safety changes” following the massive recall. Nice, but does this include improving the living conditions for the poor hens? If not, I reject you. I declare you excommunicate and anathema.

We just might pull this show together in 43 days.

Do you have random thoughts to share? I covet them. Take a moment and let your fingers do the talking. I will respond with something equally bizarre.

It is now 6 a.m., and I haven’t showered or made my lunch yet. Do I care? Nope. But my boss might, so ….

Fink out.

10 thoughts on “RNF XLI

  1. Suzanne

    Why is it when I want to fry an egg sunny side up I break the yolk and when I want to make scrambled eggs not a broken yolk in sight?

    Did someone mention Fritos? Mom will have a bag of Fritos waiting for me when I arrive at her house in October. She knows I miss them and hearts me enough to get me some.

    Am I the only one who likes rainy days? OK I don’t like working in the rain (but if I am prepared with a raincoat and hat I am good). I like it when it rains, it’s all warm and cozy inside and I like that.

    Submitting now. :)


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