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I followed a link this morning to Barack Obama’s Twitter account. I looked over to the right of the page, where it lists how many “followers” a person has.

Don’t you find that kind of quasi-creepy? I mean, no disrespect intended, and I have no agenda, but you know…it struck me as weird. Bizarre coincidence. Just sayin’.

And even more strange: I couldn’t find a single reference to the number 144,000 on the group’s official site. No joke. Go there and do a search on the number. It’s nowhere to be found. Does that strike anyone else as slightly odd? Kind of like going here and doing a search on “Xenu” (the name of the alien being, who, according to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, flew other aliens to Earth to attach themselves to humans, blah blah) Nothin’. But of course, that led to other places…

I pride myself on trying not to be a stone thrower, but honestly, Anne Archer’s son behaved like an evil little troll. This vid is worth the 30 minutes, simply because of its sad/disturbing/wacko factor. The BBC interviewer finally completely lost it. I mean really. Who could blame him? “Fair game” indeed.


Last night was a blast. Bummer that #1 Son couldn’t be there, but we still had a great time. Jon got some cool gifts, and everybody ate too much. It was great to see Helen and Lars — I don’t see them nearly enough.

All right, enough stalling. I’m spending the next 5 or so hours with Tom, then having a phone tutoring session on quantitative research.

My life is one big party.


3 thoughts on “RNF XVI

  1. kodye

    Why is it that everyone I know is rooting for Barack to be the anti-christ? I concur on one thing, though. Quasi-creepy for sure.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I definitely thought it was bizarre. And don’t mistake me — I ain’t no Obama hater (or *any* kind of hater, hopefully). I just found it weird — 144,000 on the nose. Yipes.

      1. kodye

        Honestly, I was kind of happy to read the 144,000/Barack thing. It’s usually the History Channel that scares the living crap out of me, so this was a nice change.


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