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Three tasty links this morning:

  • Not to start a flame war (because I will put a fast end to it), but this was pretty straight-forward. Almost comically so.
  • WHAT??? I can hear Kody laughing.
  • Oh. Yes. OH YES. Am I getting the wrong degree? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I love Reuters. And Thursdays.

Fink out.

9 thoughts on “RNF XVIII

  1. kodye

    To bad that website wasn’t around when I was in school. I probably would of had much more free time if I didn’t have to take EVERY MATH CLASS TWICE! Numbers. I just don’t get ’em.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I thought you’d get a kick out of that site, Kody. Cripes, *I* would’ve gotten a kick out of that site in high school (if they’d actually had “sites” when I was in high school).

  2. Ross

    How many honorary Beatles degrees are they gonna have to hand out? After all, at the least I think I deserve an honorary minor- and I didn’t become a Beatle-freak until 1995.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      No joke, Ross. Anyone who even approaches “freak” level should be considered.

      At last count, I had 22 books, all their (US) albums, tons of pictures, posters, clothing, jewelry, pencils, note cards, a ceramic jewelry box, and a lunch box. Does that not count for something??

      1. Ross

        Dang! I think you get the Doctorate- for the lunch box alone! Don’t tell me that’s an original lunch box from back in the day. What’s it look like? When did you get it? I used to be a big-time memorabilia collector (sold all my sports cards and collectables– including a Charlie Chaplin autograph – in 92 to fund my first trip to Europe) and I still like the stuff.

        On that note, I still have a set of 8×10 autographs my mother obtained as a movie star-crazy teen in the 1950s: includes Jimmy Stewart, Jeff Chandler, Michael Rennie, and three Rock Hudsons. Rock’s sporting a tux in one of them, now that was one handsome dude.

        1. Rat Fink Post author

          Alas, no, Ross. Not an original, but one that a student of mine bought me when she was in New York. I just looked in the downstairs closet for it — I was going to snap a photo of it for you — but it’s not there. I’ll find it. I used it as a purse for about a year – great fun.

          Charlie Chaplin’s autograph probably got you a tidy sum! I just recently cleaned out my Jax Beer collection, with the exception of a set of these.

          And Rock Hudson was a cutie indeed!

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Isn’t that cool? And a masters degree, even. At the very least, I think they should include this as a huuuuuuge part of any musicology degree. I’ll bet they don’t. In fact, I know they don’t.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You said an unfortunate mouthful, Suz. (“What does one do with most degrees?”)

      If I ever do get this DMA, and then if the stars align and I actually do get a uni job, I will definitely take a pay cut, right out of the box. WTH? What kind of “reward” for my work is that??? Sheesh.

      I recently told a friend in email that I don’t even know why I did this. Just to see if I could, I guess…to better myself or some such nonsense. And don’t forget, to pay on student loans until I’m 76….no lie!!!


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