Random Neuron Firings

Really? Ya think?


Um, really? YA THINK?


Today’s priceless headline:

Organ donors could be paid

Hahaha. That just made me laugh.


Finally, something serious. Put this in the same bin with smoking and doing drugs.

I had a student a few years back who tanned so much that her blackened skin (she is a white girl) was already — at 18 years old — showing that ruddy, weathered, unevenly colored, leathery look. It was frightening. I see pictures of her now on Facebook, and she’s still dark as a coffee bean.

They should ban or at least regulate the things, yes. But I play the same old tune, over and over — why control this suspected carcinogen, but not cigarettes, which are known carcinogens? We already know that an$wer, now don’t we…

Tullesday is looking pretty good from here, regardless. The Cavs won again last night (er, I mean LeBron won), and I dodged a bullet eating off-plan on Sunday. Thumbs up.

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