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It is hard to believe this is the face of a 23-year-old girl. That’s some hard living showing through. I read once (can’t remember where) that we end up with the face we’ve earned via the way we chose to live. It was mentioned in the caption of a picture of Ted Kennedy, during his hard-drinking years. Those words have stuck with me for a long time; I hope all my Dermitage, Olay Regenerist and honest attempts at clean livin’ will leave me in decent shape.


“Dissing” Facebook has become the thing to do amongst the Kool Kids of the Internets. Personally, I think it’s fantastic. Facebook, that is. I have connected with three of my cousins, whom I haven’t seen in over 30 years, a bunch of colleagues from out of town, and countless friends from high school and college. How else could I have done that, all with one application? (Right…you have to have a brain and watch your privacy settings. If you say “yes” to every application, then you’re going to let the baddies in. Hello.)

Still, there are things that grate on me….

  1. Cryptic status messages. You know, talking in foreboding code. Please just say what you mean — aren’t we your friends, after all?
  2. Endless, yammering, sprawling, meandering, take-up-every-available-character quotes of obscure poetry and ridiculous song lyrics. I mean, if you’re a poet, list your poem. Fine. But as your “status?” “Status,” as in “what I’m up to right now”?? I don’t git it.
  3. Enough with the “like” pages already. For you non-Facebookers, “like” pages are statements with which you personally identify, such as “freaking out when I can’t feel my phone in my pocket.” A couple of days ago, I saw, “So-and-so likes ‘talking to myself in a foreign accent.'” Really? Come on, cripes. Most of my newsfeed is taken up with that garbage. Just a little over the top.
  4. I still have no clue why people (mostly teenagers) typeee a bunchhh of extraaaa lettersssss atttt the endddd offffff their wordssssss, like “textttt itttt.” Makes me want to killll someoneeee.

I’ve said it before, and I think it bears repeating: Facebook is being hijacked by the 14-17-year-old user bracket. The cute little apps and games (although as I understand it, many of these games are played by adults as well) are a bit too much for me.

No matter, though. Whatever gets you through the night, it’s all right. I choose not to play along, but to those who do: rock on. I still love FB for the connection part.


Never thought I’d cheer for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Speaking of cheering: gotta go take care of Seamus’s dogs before going to Mansfield to meet Bando for breakfast. Yay!

I charge you with having a good Finkday. For some of you, it’s the end of the work week. For me, however….

Heh heh. :-)

4 thoughts on “RNF XXXVI

  1. RD

    This lammmmmmmer “liked” your # 4 statement about FB. And I’m not in the 14-17 age bracket :-) I’m also with you on the connectivity factor.

  2. Meg

    I stand in agreement with you on ALL of the facebook things, especially the “liking” of stupid stuff. Like you, almost my entire page is taken up with that garbage. I have tried to figure out a way to hide it but no success. But I stiillll looooveee iiitttttt. :)


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