Round 11

MLK Day and we’re off to the races. Today marks the start of the rehearsal schedule for my 11th Dinner Theatre. Hard to believe. Of course, this means that my life, for all intents and purposes, is over for awhile. Rather, I live for these and jazz shoes and…

  • transpositions
  • how can I make this work?
  • I just hope it sounds as good coming out of their mouths as it does in my head
  • cripes I gotta get bass parts written
  • Greg, can we….?
  • why am I still not hearing those heel drops?
  • hey, here’s something — dancers have to count.
  • they’ll never be able to pull this off
  • there are no blown-out knees in theater!
  • oh good, Stoney’s here
  • people are gonna be runnin’ for the exits
  • can we please sing in tune this time?
  • sweety, you can’t just make stuff up.

And that’ll do for starters. Gotta pack it in and go to the school house for the day. Am I getting too old to dance with teenagers? Nah. I think they should be able to keep up with me. :-)

9 thoughts on “Round 11

  1. Will

    Bah, I’m sure they’ll be impressive. I look back fondly on the lack of coordination that kept me out of my share of dance numbers. Knock it out of the park.

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Well it went very well, although we didn’t dance today. Just sang through the company numbers and demonstrated some features. Gonna be a fun one — lots of oldies to celebrate the last 10 years of DT. I hope all yous can make it this year.

  3. Greg

    “WHERE ARE MY KEYS??!!!” –now THAT’S a classic!!!

    And may I add “NO!!! WE’RE NOT BUILDING ANYTHING ELSE!!!” (ok, that’s mine!)


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