Running start


J’ever just hit the floor running from a dead sleep? I haven’t done it in years, until this morning. I’m comatose, and suddenly, a white, puffy puppy (we’re entertaining — and being entertained by — Drago, while BFF Kay and Bob are in Chicago for the weekend) jumps up and says, “OK, I’m ready — take me outside NOW!” *wagging tail thrumming body crazy miniature canine playful growl*

So I’m like whooooa, git up, and hit the carpet. Barefoot, even. And those who know me know I *never* walk about the house with no moccasins on. The Thriller must have noticed the bizarre state of things, too, because he said to me from the kitchen while I had dogs outside, “Good morning — I brought your phone downstairs.” HA. I’m rarely without that thing, either.

I’ve never been a person who “needs time” in the morning. I can get out of bed, go down and make coffee, and have a conversation if I need to. I like my quiet time, no doubt, but I don’t go all Linda Blair if someone needs to talk to me before 7 a.m. (Truthfully, I think the whole “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” is a lame crutch; an excuse to be mean and get away with it.)

Speaking of time in the morning — gotta go make the best of it. Still much to do, and on today’s menu: choir music for school. Goin’ shoppin’, goin’ shoppin’…always fun with someone else’s money.  :mrgreen: Then there’s the Sunday Big Three tonight: True Blood, The Newsroom, and the premiere of the final season ( :-( ) of Breaking Bad. Wahoo!

5 thoughts on “Running start

  1. PKPudlin

    What a C U T I E! I’m not much for small dogs (< 50 lb), but he's a real doll! Currently looking for a sister for my Golden – may get another Golden or a Lab retriever.

    I'm one of the fortunate few who does not have to get up in the morning until I wake up – that is unless I have a Sunday morning gig. That's okay though – making up for the years and years of 4:00 AM alarms, 12-hour shifts, weekends, holidays and on-call. Leaving all that hooie to the young and inexperienced. :P


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey girly, you’ve earned the right to sleep in! And yes, Drago is a sweetheart. Kay called him the “Dancing Fluff Ball” the other day. HA perfect description.

  2. Tom Hanks

    There are times when I can get up and be fully functional within a minute or so and other times when it takes at least a half an hour before I really know whats going on. If there is anyone around who tries to engage me in conversation the only thing I can do is a lot of of “uhhhs” and “yeah”. I guess probably a good time to get me to agree to something.

    BREAAKING BAAAAAAAD!!!! I would like to be able to wait until its all released (the half season anyway) so that I can sit down and consume it all at once but waiting that long may be impossible. I’ll definitely have to see what you think on Monday.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Ah, so you haven’t caught any of BB yet? I would love to watch it again, start to finish! And speaking of watching something again, I hear from J.R. that we might have another Godfather session sometime? Let’s have it at my house — I’ll cook!

  3. Tom Hanks

    No I’ve seen all of Breaking Bad…at your recommendation! Its the best tv show I’ve ever seen. I was just thinking it will be frustrating to watch the new season one episode at a time…so I may wait until its all released.

    I say yes to both of those ideas. Breaking Bad start to finish sounds the best. And the cooking!


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