Say thankya

I appreciate this week a lot.

  1. It’s short, schoolwise
  2. I get to see family (Johanna flies in from Austin this morning, yay!)
  3. Mavis, the daughters and I get to tear it up in the kitchen
  4. I get out my Sinatra and James Taylor Christmas CDs
  5. I can watch the Lions lose instead of the Browns
  6. I get to start wrapping all the gifts that will arrive over the next couple of days
  7. My v-jazz group has a gig on Sunday; should be some fun
  8. The thesis gets its finishing touches, then off it goes for the final time, never to be thought about again in my lifetime
  9. I get more time with Jake and Justin
  10. No 5 a.m. alarm going off (except the one in my head, which I can choose to ignore)

Now that’s a dandy week, say thankya. What’s your vacation look like? (RD and Greg, I know your answers: every week is vacation…)

Here’s to the start of a fantastic — hopefully short for all of us — work week.


18 thoughts on “Say thankya

  1. BoomR

    Sounds like good times, luv! I’m gonna spend the vacation working in the studio on some new material & play with all my new software goodies. Bluvox has to work Friday (yuk)… “bless his heart” :-)

      1. BoomR

        Mortgage underwriter for Bank of America with govt. certifications for VA and FHA (the only real options left for folks who got those no-doc & sub-prime loans & are now in trouble). Been working OT for a couple months there’s so much work to be done. Poor thing… I keep saying: think of all the cool stuff you can buy me with all your O/T $$!! Woo-hoo!!

  2. Suzanne

    Oh is it Thanksgiving already???? :) No turkeys to be found here, just another day in TulipLand! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with family.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      And is it true that they don’t eat pumpkins over there? I know they don’t in Slovenia. BFF Kay tried to buy one to make a pie and they didn’t want to sell it to her. HA

      1. Suzanne

        Pumpkins are eaten here, not in a pie but chopped up and in stews or pureed, although it’s a fairly recent thing. When I was first here it was difficult to find a pumpkin that could be eaten–they were just for decoration.

  3. PKPudlin

    I’m going to be spending some quality time with my oldest daughter. We’ve got 10 days and a whole list of projects, movies, day trips and must-do’s. I’m outta here!

    Have a great week, Finkly!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Girlfriend, you have a fantastic time! I love those kinds of projects and to-do lists. Enjoy your daughter, friend.

  4. Will

    I work two days this week. Was going to go and see Nine on Thursday but they changed the date so not going to see a movie like usual.

      1. Will

        No but I kinda want to if for no other reason than it’s been over-hyped and I want to see it so I can legitimately complain about it. But it’s out of the theater over here so just watching Sci-Fi’s James Bond marathon.


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