Since it’s Sunday & all

As is customary, I don’t know how I got to this site, but I daresay it’s been an interesting read for the last hour or so. So much so, I haven’t even made the coffee yet.

Ship of is an irreverent (smart-aleck, actually), wittily-written site from UK, dedicated to forcing believers to have an honest look at the “religion” part of their faith, and to slap themselves in the back of the head once in awhile for being pompous or idiotic. Humor figures in heavily within sections such as the Caption Contest, the Fruitcake Zone, and my personal favorite, Gadgets for God (the Apps of the Apostles, hahaha).

Though I rarely speak/write publicly about it, those who know me know I have some issues with organized religion. Raised in a strict Baptist home, I know my bible pretty well, and I know the wages of sin. I also know that some churches shoot their wounded — either as euthanasia or punishment — instead of pull them off the battlefield to give comfort and help. That’s as far as I’ll go on that, but suffice it to say that I was grateful to find a “religious” website full of believers who take a realistic, and often funny, view of themselves as faith-based beings. Refreshing.

I also found interesting the reports from the Mystery Worshipper section, featuring folks who show up at various churches for worship, then report back on their experience.

OK, now I’m going to make the coffee. Then maybe read some more. Good stuff! Happy Sumday.


2 thoughts on “Since it’s Sunday & all

  1. BoomR

    On, NOW you’ve gone & done it. I’m not gonna get ANYTHING done today because I’ll be cracking up while reading that Web site! ;-)

    …and I’m with you on having the same exact issues & observations re: “organized religion.”

    For example, there are kids all over the city of Dallas who don’t have shoes or jackets or food to eat or school supplies. Yet the church right down the road from my old house decided that good stewardship of their $$ was to “remodel their parking lot” to add a dozen or so small gardens scattered throughout. Each garden had a tree in the middle & flowers around the base of the tree. They constructed curbs around each garden so folks wouldn’t drive into them.

    Head scratcher….

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      And you know, I’m all for beautifying your space, but when a) you’re a church, and b) there are kids in your own area who go hungry and without clothing, don’t you think our priorities are a bit jumbled? Sheesh.


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