That’s how I feel today. Just a lil skeevy. But I think it’s good for me. Stress keeps me paying attention.

I think sometimes that I allow things to stress me because I’m disorganized. Er…I mean, my disorganization causes me stress. Anyway, you get it. The Thriller has long known this about me, and has, on occasion, tried to change my behavior to decrease the likelihood of a massive flipout.

He’s still working on it. :-)

He is a list maker (as is sister Mavis). I’ve made lists before, but then I lose them. Or they just sit on my desk/in my pocket, and are eventually buried underneath some new thing or list or printed-out journal article; or I pull a list out of my pocket and say, “Hm, that’s old,” and throw it away. Why is that?

It frustrates me that I have the intellectual wherewithal to devise a list of important tasks, but not to execute one. Actually, it’s probably not so much intellect as discipline. Arg, the D word. I hate it.

I’m going to take one last shot at it, just to prove I can do it. Here goes. In the interest of accountability, here is my list for the weekend:

UPDATE 5:13 p.m.

3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 are done. How bout that.

  1. Copy horn parts for tomorrow’s rehearsal.
  2. Finish introductory stuff on thesis.
  3. Go to the grocery for Seamus’s birthday feast.
  4. Make score edits before rehearsal at 2 today.
  5. Go to Wally to buy the rest of a birthday gift or two.
  6. Text orchestra members to remind them about tomorrow.
  7. Clean the upstairs bathroom.
  8. Call DQ to order the ice cream cake.
  9. Drop off bakery order for next week’s tech rehearsal. (NEXT WEEK IS TECH REHEARSAL. Oh dear.)

That’s it so far. What’s on your list for today? Do you make lists? Do they do any good? I’m still waiting for the magic to happen here.

Nothing so far. Feh.

Happy Saturday!


16 thoughts on “Skeevy.

  1. Stein

    I make mental lists. If I write things down I usually don’t pay enough attention to it to do any good. This usually causes some multi-tasking scares, but it’s the way my ole left brain works. Today I have this list…
    1. Watch the OSU game.
    2. Call you to tell you about what the director last night wanted me to tell you.
    3. Find something to do for a date night. (Any good movies out right now?)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Michelle would love “Being Julia.” Unless she’s like you. Then she might go for “Battlefield Earth.”

      Heh heh.

      Thanks for the BAD NEWS today too, btw, ya lil ray of sunshine. SHEESH

  2. Mavis

    I love making lists. It’s the only way my brain works. I have too many “MaGoo” moments NOT to make lists.

    I already started a list this morning. Number one was to look up “Skeevy”. :0) It was right there between, “Skeeter Hawk” and “Skeeze”. You come up with the best words. I digress…then I listed all the things I need to do at home and for the party tomorrow. I find that making lists for 2 days at a time (and immediately putting them on the fridge) helps keep me on track. Don’t make your list then leave it where it sits. Put it up right away on the fridge and you’ll look at it often. Cuz what 2 places in the home do we visit the most??…the fridge and the bathroom. :o)

    Love you, Berdie!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      There you go again, Mave. Makin’ all sortsa sense. Don’t you know you make me look bad??

      See you in the morning!

  3. Suzanne

    The only list I make is a shopping list. I plan the week’s menus then write my list accordingly, adding extras like terlet paper and stuff like that. I make mental lists, too.

    I hope Seamus has a wonderful birfday!

  4. BoomR

    Clearly I need to check the definition of skeevy in something OTHER than the “Urban Dictionary” (first hit via Google):

    “Shifty, sleazy, creepy, dirty, dodgy, nasty”

    (don’t scroll down any further – you’ll probably need to pick a different work to describe today. But on a good note, you can select one of the definitions & then have it put on a coffee mug!) LOL

      1. BoomR

        Duke is about 80% back to his old self again, so very thankful! We just got back from a walk & they’ve had their supper. Now I’m off to tickle the ivory…er…plastic!! Luv U!

  5. Bando

    Add “Stop at bakery before orchestra rehearsal tomorrow…”


    I make lists only when pregnant. Otherwise I tell you or Adam and you guys are supposed to remember for me.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey, now there’s an idea…

      And I don’t buy that for a minute, amiga. Of the two of us, you were *always* the one with the left brain!


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