Snow day #2

Good. Now I will be forced to bury myself in DT prep all day. But first, a couple of Do Not Go Here sites (again, I disavow any responsibility for your wasted morning):

1. Letters of Note is a huge collection of actual correspondence from various famous people, photographed and submitted. Very interesting. Some are hilarious (make sure to read the “Tiger Oil” memos), others heartbreaking; they’re all quite revealing. Prepare to waste some time. It’s Angry Birds all over again.

2. I saw a link to this site on the Facebook page of one of my former students. I laughed. Surviving the World will spin some clock for you, Jimbo. Guaranteed. If you can get through all 855 “lessons,” you have my respect (I especially like Lesson #49, heh).

There. That ought to get you started on your Wednesday. Me? I’m off to the kitchen for some breakfast, then to the basement with my tap shoes. Maybe I should wait till the Thriller wakes up, though.





5 thoughts on “Snow day #2

  1. BoomR

    RE: Surviving the World #5 – he needs to have another line for Musician right above “sex tape” that reads:

    Cheesy talent show winner + ProTools

  2. Tom Hanks

    I failed to take your “letters of note” warning seriously…and now my eyes are about to fall out.

    I think Marlon Brando writes the best letters.


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