Some funnies

I mean, since I’ve been up since 5 and all…

I put this on Facebook this morning, to illustrate my mild embarrassment at getting all uppity for being on vacation. Heh.

OK, some punny things for your amusement this day:







Haha. OK, go on with your day now. But gimme some guesses first. :-) I’m off to get ready to do some awesome sugared pecans and deliver them to all my sick family members. :-( Get better, luvs!


2 thoughts on “Some funnies

  1. Lars

    -Sydney Pollack…
    -For Horse Head… I thought he was playing a Fender Mustang but no, Fender Jaguar, so no clue.
    – John Hamm(face)
    -Freudian Slippers!


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