Someone once told me

“If you don’t really want to know, or if you’ll get upset by what you hear, then don’t ask.”

This is precisely why I do not distribute surveys to my students, or even ask their opinion about my repertoire selections (although I will do that on a rare occasion — extremely rare). Thing is, surveys give people license to snark anonymously. I don’t care if I don’t know who it is; I guess I have issues with deliberately opening myself up for full metal jacket responses. In other words, I’m a delicate flower. *sNiFfLe*

But hey, I was in a geeky mood this morning and decided to mess around with some stuff at Google Docs. So I did a quick and dirty embedded survey. Three whole questions.

Please feel free to fill it out, and I will post the data in a couple of days. I covet your responses, so come on: gi’ it a go.


Happy Sum-day, fiends. I look forward to the tally.

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