Sour Puss

That’s me today. Why? Because I can’t eat. Fie upon those who get between me and my foodstuffs.

I have to have an endoscopy (camera down the throat) and some other tests done tomorrow in Cleveland, so I am not allowed to have anything except these tasty treats:

* Water (meh, ok)
* Apple juice (no way)
* White grape juice (check)
* Gatorade (ewww)
* Popsicles (but no red, orange or purple. Banana? Gag.)
* Clear carbonated beverages (check)
* Clear chicken or beef broth (h0Rk)
* Jell-o (big bowls of lime and lemon are already made)
* Tea or coffee, no milk or sugar (check)

So that’s my fare for the day. Scrumptious, yes? I will spend the next 24 hours dreaming of grilled cheezers and strawberries and filet mignons cooked medium rare. It’s OK, actually. I think I can live off my fat reserves for one day. I think.

I cannot leave the house today because of the meds I have to take. So please, show some Fink love and post soothing, encouraging, pithy, articulate, entertaining, silly and compendious comments for me to read. Until then, I’ll be on the couch feeling sorry for myself, until Mavis gets here to take over the job.

Fink (nom nom crunchy crunchy) out.

15 thoughts on “Sour Puss

  1. Mavis

    Well, from looking at the picture, at least you’re a well groomed sour puss. :0) It amazes me that you used a cat picture to portray how you’re feeling today. You know…being the cat lover that you are. HA!

    I will be there, my darling, as soon as this STUPID RAIN LETS UP! *sigh* I’m ready for it to be dry.

    Hmm….I’m afraid my comments haven’t been soothing, encouraging, pithy or compendious. You’ll just have to wait to see my smiling, shining face for that! Hang in there, sweetness. Tomorrow will be here and gone before you know it!

    Love you!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Haha – why thank you, Mave. And you know if I use a cat for ANYTHING on this site, it has hatred/resentment attached! (Except in the case of Chevy, the Famous American Cat, who belongs to Suzanne. He gets a pass around these parts.)

      Anytime you want to come over for a vizzy, you’re welcome to! We can look at some genealogy stuff…


  2. J^2 Mama

    Ok, ok, you asked for something to do and keep you busy…check your email…I sent you another one of my crazy website ideas! :). Hope you are feeling ok!

  3. Stoney

    So my burning question is WHY are you being put through this jello and clear liquids he**???

    To help get through the day-dream of Johnny Depp feeding you jello.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Now that’s a visual…but right now, I’m so sick of Jello I could barf! I have to have an endoscopy tomorrow (among other lovely tests), so I’m starving today. I would eat dry oatmeal about now.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Haha — tell Chevy thanks for the support! Have you read my rambling, meandering email yet??

      1. Suzanne

        Yep I got it, I will write soon as I am composing my own rambling and meandering mail in my head. (actually yours wasn’t R and M at all!)

        Good luck today while being poked and prodded!

  4. Kodye

    Anyone who had you as a teacher knows how you feel about Gatorade, but you don’t like banana popsicles? This is insanity.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      My sister says the same thing. Just can’t wrap my brain around the frozen banana taste. If I can’t have grape or orange, forget the whole thing!!

  5. Greg

    Hmmm—I read over your list of allowable foods but I gotta tell ya–it sounds an awful lot like the same list for a colonoscopy. My doctor’s appt. is in August and I’m sure he’ll be ticked with me that I didn’t get one yet—not my fault though!! Either his office or the gastroenterologist’s office messed up and didn’t get the thing assigned. Why didn’t I do it myself?? I don’t get paid the big bucks to do it and they now have all this gol-derned new-fangled computer stuff to send records, requests and all that tomfoolery!!


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