Still More Things to Hate

I am ON about hate the last 12 hours, lemmetellya. I don’t know why. I just feel all itchy scratchy, and I can’t nail down the reason. Blark. I don’t usually sulk about things, and I’m not predisposed to bouts of rage, but I feel a slow, subterranean stirring of volcanic activity starting to build up steam. It could be deadly. (Or it could be Dinner Theatre.)

So why is the Fink hatin’ on things? I know not. Yet I still offer the list.

Still More Things I Hate (in addition to these and these)

  1. That American Idol is one of the top-rated shows in America.
  2. Bossy, controlling personalities, shielded behind the paper-thin veil of wanting to be “helpful.”
  3. Being told to “relax,” or to “calm down.” I mean it. I will roll you up and smoke you like an old Laredo.
  4. Not knowing.
  5. Knowing, but not being able to do anything about it.
  6. Politics, and the discussion of same at social gatherings, because A) it always seems to turn into a fight, which automatically ruins any magic, and B) minds are rarely changed.
  7. That 5 a.m. turns to 6 a.m. so quickly every day.
  8. My infuriating proclivity for procrastination where choreography is concerned.
  9. My infuriating proclivity for freaking out before a freakout is warranted.
  10. My infuriating proclivities in general.

Sounds to me like you’re due for a list yourself, if for no other reason than you pity me, and misery loves company. And I know that my life is great and I have a fantastic family and I love my job and my students and I am blessed with amazing fiends. But…yeah. We all got our days.



7 thoughts on “Still More Things to Hate

  1. Suzanne

    Right now I am hating on people who can’t be bothered to get off their fat rear-ends and go out and SHOVEL THE @#$*&#*($& SNOW from their sidewalks!!!!!! I tell you what I am tired of slipping and sliding to people’s mailboxes!!!!!

    There are other things prolly but that is first and foremost on my mind right now.

    It’s good to get mad now and then. And then RELAX. CALM DOWN. heh.

  2. PKPudlin

    OK, ok. I hear ya. Let me give you a little astrological insight.

    1. We are at the end of a particularly difficult lunar cycle, which will culminate on Friday with an eclipse.
    2. Both Mars (action) and Mercury (communication) have been retrograde, which essentially throw roadblocks in your way. All signs are affected to varying degrees.
    3. I will be happy to give you (or anyone) the name and website of my astrologer. She also has a blog and much more astrological knowledge and insight than I.
    4. The good news? This, too, shall pass. Mercury goes direct on Friday, opening up communication and easing computer, travel and mailing woes. Mars will remain retrograde until March 11, so moving forward on anything will continue to be difficult until that time. Awareness helps and allows one to plan. Forewarned is forearmed.
    5. Be gentle and patient with yourself, as you no doubt are with others. If all else fails, get some puppy therapy. Works for me.


  3. Greg

    1. I hate drivers who pull out in front of my like they’re in the biggest hurry and then drive 10 miles UNDER the speed limit!
    2. I hate all televised sports that pre-empt programs that I’d really like to watch.
    3. I hate PBS continual fund-raising programs, putting on much better shows during these time, then interrupting them for 20 minutes for sales pitches.
    4. I hate fruit, fruit-based desserts, fruit-based breakfast foods and fruit garnishes!
    5. I hate phone calls before 9:30 a.m.
    6. I hate dog walkers that allow their pets to do their business in my front yard and then keep walking. Direct segue into:
    7. I hate running over said doggie-doo with my tractor without realizing that it was there and having my garage smell like doggie-doo while it dries on the mower blades!
    8. I hate the fact that my mailman delivers one side of the block, gets tired and goes home without delivering the other side–then crams my mailbox to overflowing the following day!
    9. I hate having Michigan drivers in front of me, in back of me or next to me–stay in Michigan!
    10.I hate shopping in Norwalk — the local stores maintain very little inventory and whatever I need is always “backordered.”

    1. Suzanne

      re: the postman–report the guy!! I deliver mail here in The Netherlands and there would be BIG trouble if we did that, I am pretty sure that USPS is the same. If you don’t complain then they don’t know he’s doing that.

      I agree with you on the dog poop thing–people who let their dogs poop in public and then don’t clean it up should be shot! :)

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        I agree, Greg — call and report the lazy bum! And while we’re on the pet poop subject…

        My students have been the unfortunate recipients of my occasional tirade about the fact that my dog, who is obedient and gentle, has to be on a leash at all times by law, while STUPID DISGUSTING FILTHY CATS are allowed to roam all over the neighborhood and poop in other people’s yards and generally have the run of the town. NOT FAIR.

        (Chevy the Famous American Cat exempt from the above capslock frenzy.)

        1. Suzanne

          LOL but you are right! I guess my argument is that cats bury theirs although we do find lots of it in our yard. And it’s smaller. :)


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