Still standing

Barely. Welcome to the plague, round 2…

How was your holiday weekend? The Thriller and I got away for a quiet weekend, but our peace was troubled by increasing sickness for both of us. What’s going on here? Then we wake up to find our dear Rousseau with no appetite, and another growth on his neck. I hope it’s not serious. I’ll keep you posted.

Sorry for the long absence — I think this sets the record.

Monday, Monday…ugh.  :-(

4 thoughts on “Still standing

  1. Mavis

    What’s going on, indeed?!!! I’m so sorry you’re all still sick. And poor puppy!!! Yes, please let me know what you find out. :-( Love you all!

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks gals — this week’s going to be a long haul, but at least Saturday will be a rest day!


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