Stuff I Hate Even More

Time for another list like the last two or three I’ve done over the last 4+ years (and that I’m too lazy to search for). It’s good for the soul; it cleanses the BS tolerance palate so you can ingest more without dying.

And I do not mean to be cryptic. This list is flat-out take-it-at-face-value. In fact, misery loves company, so please feel free to add to this list. In fact, I covet your additions. Please…add.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Going to bed at 10 because you got up at 3 yesterday, only to wake up at 2:30 a.m. and not be able to get back to sleep until around, oh, 15 minutes before the alarm goes off.
  2. All. Political. Campaigns. I swear to the gods, if Congress doesn’t reform the way they’re done, I’m going to appear at rallies with a big ol’ ratty fly swatter and storm the podium every time one of these jokers makes a personal attack on the other. So alert Homeland Security; I’m comin’.
  3. Closed minds that think the Bible is a cut-and-dried instruction manual, and that an ape could understand what God obviously wants. (If that is so, why is there not a single Christian denomination espousing doctrine upon which everyone agrees? Why are there fifteen translations and centuries-long bickering about the intent? I’ll stop here for now.)
  4. Smelling the remnants of last night’s dinner when you come downstairs in the morning. I spent 15 minutes wiping down my kitchen with Clorox cleaner, washing the walls and taking out the garbage this morning. Juuuuuust what I wanted to do before coffee.
  5. This one makes the list every dang time: hateful people. I am ashamed of my unclean thoughts about them, and also about including hateful people on a “hate” list — I know, it makes no sense, but work with me here. I’m in a mood. Look, we’re all damaged, right? Everyone falls down. It’s the people who aren’t the least bit concerned with the building-back-up process that grate on me. Shame, shame, shame.
  6. Getting a cold. Yes, fiends, it’s time for my annual Fall Grippe.

OK, time to let fly. What grates on you this day? There has to be something, unless you’re one of those “every day is a unicorn party on a fluffy cloud with My Pretty Pony” type people, in which case you’re #7 on today’s list. :P

GrumpyFink out.

2 thoughts on “Stuff I Hate Even More

  1. Greg

    1. Drivers who pull out in front of me as though they’re heading to a sale at WalMart and then putter along at 10 miles UNDER the speed limit!!
    2. Black Friday–people who cut short their Thanksgiving celebrations to go shopping the next day!
    3. 50% of all traffic lights in Norwalk.
    4. Four-way stops in the most rural, most desolate places in America.
    5. Pianos that are out of tune.
    6. Trying to find a hand tool I just put down a minute ago!
    7. Eating meals in restaurants and seeing people licking their cutlery and putting them back in community food–like butter dishes. Also those who double-dip: dipping a chip or veggie into sauces, biting them in two and then dipping the remaining part back into the sauce.
    8. People who don’t bother washing their hands after using the restroom.
    9. Older people with tattoos which probably looked ok 10 years ago but now appear wrinkled, worn, depressed and downright gross!
    10. Faculty food tables where fruit is the predominate item–yet they’re pigging out on all the chocolate stuff–leaving the fruit items for the flies to consume and poop on.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      #7 — I hate double-dipping too, unless it’s, you know, my kids or grandkids. Then the germs are good. :-)

      #10 — HAA – I knew that would make your list!!

      Thanks for the fun read — I guess everyone else is happy alla time. :P


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