Sunday funday

Did I go school shopping like I said I was going to do yesterday? Give you one guess.

I will stop procrastinating — tomorrow. But for today, it’s the annual school clothing odyssey, for no other reason than I’m out of days to wait. I like to wear dresses to school, and believe it or not, there are virtually no “dress shops” left in my area. Remember when the big box stores carried better dresses? Those days are long gone, at least where I live. Dress Barn and Fashion Bug are about all we have left. (Petite Sophisticate closed down and moved out…grr.)

So where’s a Fink to find her stately garments? Why, the Lodi Station Outlet Mall, of course, where I can shop at both DB and FB without getting back into the car. Trouble is, there are all those other dandy stores there, set down to deter me from my original mission. So as much as I’d like to think otherwise, the Thriller will get a treat from Rocky Mountain Chocolates (and I probably will, too), and I might come home with yet another pair of shoes I probably could have done without.

On the upside: there will be lots of places to shop for the wedding gift I need to buy. Definite downside: everyone and their cousin will be school clothes shopping today, because we’re all hopeless procrastinators. Ugh.

But before that, there’s coffee and reading and playing with dogs. Gotta love Sundays.


2 thoughts on “Sunday funday

  1. BoomR

    Looks like a dandy collection of stores – I’m sure you’ll find everything you need/want! I look forward to the pictures of you modeling all your new outfits in tomorrows RtB blog posting, luv! :D


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      HA! Not bloody likely, doll! Me and modeling…NOPE!

      I just got back (Sunday 1 p.m.), and it wasn’t that bad. Spent a little more than I wanted to originally, but got some pretty pretties!


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