T minus…

Days of school left:  15
Days till opening night:  12
Days till my first of two spring concerts:  14
Days till graduation (last performance of the year):  21
Days till we leave for the New England Odyssey:  55

Seems I’m counting down everything lately. Usually, a countdown makes you feel hopeful; excited. Not so with a couple of these, unfortunately, as they are fraught with uncertainty. Can I just say I am glad that after this year, we won’t have the musical in May anymore? :-)

Off to my Monday…hey, what are you counting down? Anything I should know about?

2 thoughts on “T minus…

  1. Meg

    Countdown to breakfast visit with Rat Fink: somewhere between 21 and 121 days. I hope.
    Countdown until college graduation: 4 years minus 2 days.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I say that sounds magnificent! Stoney and I were just talking about you yesterday — maybe we should make it a breakfast trio!


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