Thank God it’s Finkday. I think. Not so sure.

Kay leaves today.

For those of you who don’t know, my dear friend of 16 years lives six months in the States, and six months in Slovenija, the country of her husband’s family. Today, the Thriller and I are going to her fabulous house in the country to bring a picnic lunch and to help close down some things in preparation for their house-sitters to move in.

After 3 years of practice, you’d think I’d be better at the letting-go thing. But with her being so busy teaching over there, and me with my BU classes, Lars and Helen’s wedding next month, fall mainstage musical, holiday stuff, and Dinner Theatre, the time will likely go by fast. Not fast enough, but passably fast. Soon it will be April, and…

What am I talking about? Let’s get through the next month first. (Right, Helen???) :-)

Silly pictures from my last day with Kay on tomorrow’s post. I promise not to post any of the boo-hoo variety. Next on the docket – eBay Day with Heidi, then Mavis and I make quiche. Yummy.

Fink out.

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