Things That Make Me Happy

(First, let’s assume that the top of the list is occupied bigtime by my family, my friends, and my students.)

Last night and this morning, I realized there are lots of things that offer me comfort, fun, relaxation, convenience — and interesting reading, if nothing else.

Things That Make Me Happy (in random order)

  1. The Wal-Mart Photo Center. How cool is it to upload your Jakey photos, check a few boxes to order different sizes, and have them ready for pick-up a few days later? I know lots of folks wail on the Wally, and for some good reasons, but you can’t beat this service for convenience, unless you have a really good photo printer at home (which I don’t).
  2. Online shopping. Truly, during the Christmas insanity that rules my life and job, it’s spectacular.
  3. Quiet time. The Thriller stays up late and sleeps in usually till around 8 a.m. That leaves me with the 4:30 – 6:00 a.m. slot for coffee, reading, returning emails, and most importantly – Rockin’ the Bourgeoisie.
  4. Getting prezzies in the mail. Books, especially. But a recent amazing gifty contained two other great loves of my life: software and coffee. (Wave to BoomR — how are you feeling, luv?)
  5. Cooking and baking for the holidays. Mostly because I hope to get to spend some fun time with the girls in the family. Not that the boys can’t cook or bake — we just don’t want them in the kitchen with us, getting in the way, changing the subject, putting their fingers in stuff and generally being pests.
  6. Giving gifts. And wrapping them up all pretty beforehand. My fam will tell you I’m relatively good at it.
  7. Reading before turning out the lights. It’s the last thing I do every night; I don’t think I could go to sleep without it.
  8. The last day of school before Christmas break. It’s stress-free, usually, and everyone’s happy and in the holiday spirit.
  9. Snow days. Not because I want to get out of school (I’m usually too obsessive about missed rehearsals for that), but because of the quiet in the early morning, before the snow plows get going. My street and yard look peaceful and pretty, and since no buses run, there’s not as much activity on the roads.
  10. My good fortune. I’m not wealthy, God knows. I’m a public school teacher with a semi-retired husband. Most of the time, I’m in a panic about school loans, rising fuel and food costs, and whether or not the Mighty Ford Ranger is going to make it another school year of 22 miles one way to work. But still, I have family and friends who love me, and isn’t that what it’s about, really?

So what are some things that make you happy? I covet your lists.

Fink out.

3 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. lisa

    Things that make happy……

    1.The first cup of coffee of the day. *Heavenly*

    2. Kohls, Target, Macy’s, ect. Shopping is my drug of choice.

    3.Movies from the 40’s @ 50’s. I love the sets, clothes and that everyone smokes a ciggie! For someone reason I find the whole feel of these movies very elegant.

    My favs:
    Peyton Place
    All About Eve
    Now, Voyager
    ANY MGM musical

    4. Tasty morsels

    5.Snow days and delays. Why? It is something for nothing!

    6. Christmas cookie baking day with my family. We gather at my daughter’s home and bake Danish cookies. My mother is from Denmark and the recipes are wonderful.

    7. Every Christmas movie and claymation show known to man.

    8. Speaking of claymation, anyone remember Davey and Goliath? LOVE IT.

    9. Kody Shepard playing a sheep in Godspell.

  2. annie

    Hm…things that make me happy, eh? *strokes chin* Well…

    1. Hot tea. I do not start off my day with The World’s Biggest Cup of Coffee. I LOVE it when I get to school in the morning, go into the office, and see that Ms. D has placed a cup of hot tea by my cubicle. She knows me too well.

    2. I too enjoy readin before turning off the lights. Right now Richard Paul Evans is going to bed with me.

    3. When my golden retriever decides to sleep with me. She will crawl under the covers and snuggle up close to me. I put my arm around her, we fall asleep, and that is how we wake up.

    4. Baking. I bake a lot. A bunch. All the time.

    5. I love it when Mom and I play music together. It is a stress reliever for both of us. Whether its flute duets, or piano/flute duets, or me singin, whatever, it’s something we love to do with each other.

    6. Snow-manning! MwwwuHahahHHaaa It is a winter tradition that Alexandra and I have. We go to our friends houses at night and create snowmen in their yards.

    7. In the summer I take a bike ride almost everyday. I ride to a bridge and walk down to the creek. This is where I do most of my praying, thinking, etc.

    8. Shopping!! Shoes are my thing. And you should see my jewelry “box”.

    9. Sweat pants. Sweat pants make me very happy :)


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