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So…remember all the hoo-ha about cell phone EMFs being dangerous? Check this out. Seems we mobile hounds might have cause to take heart. According to the new experiment results published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease:

The researchers say that if cell phone exposure was begun when the Alzheimer’s mice were young adults, and before signs of memory loss became apparent, their cognitive ability was protected. And if older mice with Alzheimer’s were exposed, their memory impairment improved. What’s more, months of cell phone exposure even boosted the memories of normal mice…”

How about that? I hope they’re right…


I am most decidedly not ready to be shocked at what I read regarding this subject. Not. And I haven’t been on a plane since the 90s.


I still want a Droid. But I’m looking out the corner of my eye at this. But it would have to be unlocked. Me and T-Mobile…maaaah I don’t think so.


Ya THINK? Boyfriend had a condo on the side he openly shared with his lady luv, while still refusing to divorce his wife. You tell me.


On the “the fact that this is important to people creeps me out” scale, I’d give this about an eight.


Blark. Time to get ready to go to the school house. Too much news, not enough hours in the morning. FYI, my dinner theatre auditions went very well last night. Fun show this year…or at least I hope it will be.


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  1. Ross

    Hey, been too long. Regarding the EMF debate, as of a few years ago, virtually all funding for research into their effects on human cells and DNA is sponsored by the wireless industry. Much like big tobacco tried to hijack peer-reviewed journals in the 60s and 70s, the wireless industry is doing now, merely copying big tobacco’s game plan. I know, I sound like an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist, neither of which I am. What I AM these days, however, is humorless. I have of late lost all my mirth, who knows why.
    By the way, I’m a season ticket holder for the new AHL team the Texas Stars, new stadium holds about 7,000, and their picks to sing the National Anthem have been hit or miss, wildly so. High school choirs so far– top notch, really solid. But whenever they’ve had anyone who might be younger than say 23 or so, they’re awful. I mean like forget-the-lyrics awful. Granted the AHL is not the NHL or the NBA, but it’s only one step down. Still, how do you suppose they go about deciding who sings on a given night?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Ross! I thought you’d dist-appeared, friend. So good to see you here. I think about you every time I log in. First and most important, I’m sorry to hear about your humorless start to 2010. I hope that mirth lost can be mirth found in quick order. Expect a mail.

      Interesting about the research. I didn’t add this to the post, but I was more than a bit creeped out by the “prepared Alzheimer’s mice.” Prepared? It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that it’s skewed, truly. And admittedly, I did no research on the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, either. I don’t know if it’s scholarly or not. Bottom line: it’s likely a good thing I use my phone probably 90% of the time for texting, web and email, and only 10% for actually putting it up to my face.

      Ouch on the hockey anthem thing. The Cavs, Indians and Lake Erie Monsters (are they AHL?) require people to send in audition CDs, and they judge you. If you make the grade, you get an invite; if you don’t…well, I don’t know what happens if you don’t because my groups have been fortunate enough to be accepted each time. No excuse for bad singing, though — the teams have the final say.

    2. Ross

      Yes, the Lake Erie Monsters are AHL, in fact they were in town in October. Audition tapes huh … well, my suspicion is that the Texas Stars are still figuring some things out, this being the first season, and determining who will sing is one of those things. After all, the team’s head of PR is also the PA announcer during the games, I kid you not, it’s like everyone’s pulling double duty. But that’s half the fun of the AHL. Still, there was a sold out game a couple weekends ago, place was packed, and the singer was terrible, cringe-terrible. For the most part though they’ve been good. And like I said, the school choirs have been dynamite, very creative interpretations too.

      I did look up the journal, from what I could tell it seems like a completely legit peer-reviewed journal in the neurological community. Either way, the only potential danger is when the phone is next to your head- certainly not during things like texting.

      Oh and yeah, ‘Alzheimer’s prepared mice’ is just ghastly-sounding. Sadly I have a good friend who works at Genentech and when she started there many years ago her main job was, no joke, to break the necks of lab mice. It’s just hideous.

  2. Artillius Merchclod

    Someday I will visit the resting place of Stonewall Jacksons severed arm.

    It will be a dream come true.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Truthfully, I thought you were joking until I looked it up. Creepy indeed…but sounds like a great adventure!


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