Top Ten Albums

This was almost as hard as the Top Ten Movies list. I like so many different kinds of music that it was hard to narrow them down, so I didn’t include the umpteen jazz albums I consider top-of-the-line, and I didn’t O.D. on the Fabs.

So here they are. Any you agree with? I like company in my little rubber room.

Top Ten Albums, According to Me

10. Hell Freezes Over The Eagles (1994)

9. ThrillerMichael Jackson (1982)

8. The Capitol Years (1953-1961) – Frank Sinatra (1990)

7. Never A Dull Moment – Rod Stewart (1971) <– remember that one, Mavis? Wahoo!

6. Abbey RoadThe Beatles (1969)

5. Greatest Hits – James Taylor (1976)

4. Rubber SoulThe Beatles (1965)

3. A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles (1964)

2.The StrangerBilly Joel (1977)

1. CarelessStephen Bishop (1976)


Contest #2!

Ok. Big fat king-size Hershey bar – given in person or sent through the mail – to the first reader who emails me at ratfink @ finkweb .org and correctly answers this question:

On the television series Home Improvement, the Taylor family had a neighbor named Wilson. What was Wilson’s first name?



Sam K. correctly answered that Wilson’s first name is Wilson. Wilson Wilson. Heh. Congrats, Samuel – another contest on 15 May!

Fink out. Time fer school.

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