Various & Sundry III

I just finished what is known as the definitive biography (there are many different bios published) on Nikola Tesla. I was speechless, basically. How I wished he were alive so I could slap him into tomorrow.

He let George Westinghouse and his lawyers walk off with what could have spared him years of living in near-destitution. He didn’t pursue Marconi after the guy claimed to invent radio. Tesla was such a horrible businessman, I’m surprised he got anything done at all. But brilliant, oh my goodness….

However, some of his ideas were so cockamamie, I’m surprised author Margaret Cheney didn’t do more to discount them. After seeing a movie like The Prestige, where Tesla was depicted in his Colorado Springs laboratory as a wise, mysterious genius, it was disappointing to discover that his time in Colorado in 1899 was almost a total failure, despite his experiments with “ball lightning,” which never went anywhere. The cool thing, though: no scientist has ever been able to duplicate his experiment with ball lightning. They simply don’t know how he did it. Creepy.

Speaking of creepy… Thirsty, my little vampires?

Speaking of vampires…I started a new novel last night. It scared me so bad I couldn’t go to sleep. That hasn’t happened since It.

Speaking of Stephen King…he has a new book out — The Gingerbread Girl. Plot: main character suffers a tremendous tragedy, then moves to a secluded Florida key, where she…wait a minute. That sounds awfully familiar. Ah, I remember. Duma Key from last year. Maybe King is doing a Florida series. Er sumthin.

Regardless, I’m mad because it’s only available as an audio book. I’d rather read my own books, as opposed to having Mare Winningham read them to me, thanks all the same.

Ok, non sequitur: I’m hungry.

Fink out.

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  1. Rat Fink Post author

    Ah! I didn’t say, did I? I started the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. The girl has *some* imagination, yikes.


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