Various & Sundry IX

Yikes, I overslept this morning. Had a great time with fiends last night, watching The Godfather II. Awesome.

So, Vince Gill’s still got it after all these years. I’m not a huge country music fan (not that country is bad, mind…I just don’t listen to it so I don’t know lots about it), but this voice has impressed me since “Let Me Love You Tonight” from 1980, when he was with Pure Prairie League.

Anyway. He’s been married to Amy Grant (yawn) since 2000, and they’re both still recording, which is cool. I read this morning that Gill was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame a couple of years ago. Also impressive.

But this is how I remember Vince Gill:

Ten years ago, he released what I think is one of the most beautiful ballads I’ve ever heard. The style reminds me of the music my mother loved — lazy, heartfelt country songs with lots of strings and tinkly piano. Classic stuff.

I carved out a clip of the song if you want to hear it:

If You Ever Have Forever in Mind

(Boom-Boom — is this tune in your rep? If not, it should be! You’d sound great on it.)

I leeched this vid off Gill’s website — looks like Amy is attempting to cross genres again. But Vince’s weightless tenor is still there. Very nice. (Sorry about the commercial…I’m too lazy to edit this morning.)

OK, enough stalling. Time to study. Have a fab Monday.

Fink out.

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