Various & Sundry V

  1. Have you heard about this? Or is the commenter correct in suggesting the writer take an early retirement? (Me no likey Boston anyhow, for myriad reasons.)
  2. If I lost $3 million from my NBA contract and was suspended for 30 games for this reason, I’d consider lying about it, too.
  3. I have a friend who swears that monogamy is a misguided and unnatural convention. Now I read this in the Times book review. Hmmmm.
  4. This is an opera I’d like to see.
  5. In a Reuters story, the question was asked: What are you doing to deal with the financial crisis? Some guy wrote, “We are eating out less, delaying capital purchasing, planning less [sic] and shorter vacations, reducing gifts at holiday time, wearing older cloths [sic] and not replenishing wardrobe, washing my own car, cutting our own lawn, raking our own leaves, cleaning our own gutters, painting ourselves instead of hiring a painter, consuming more leftovers…” Gee. Wonder if he’ll be able to handle slumming in its most insipid form. You know, taking 4-day weekenders instead of 2-week vacations, mowing his own lawn, doing his own leaf-raking ‘n stuff…man, life can be brutal.

Sheesh. Now I’m just making myself mad. Gotta get to the Power Pointing. If anyone is an Excel wizard, I need to analyze some data on a Likert scale. Any takers? But first, I have to leap off this skyscraper…


4 thoughts on “Various & Sundry V

  1. BoomR

    I used to teach Excel back when I was working at Software Academy and New Horizons here in Dallas (as well as PowerPoint). I’m happy to help (if i can).

    RE: #5 – the guy probably drives an H2. Have you ever tried to share a street or parking lot with one of those? Holy crap! More importantly, WHO NEEDS a Hummer?? They’re gas guzzlers & don’t play nicely in normal traffic & parking situations because they’re so blinkin’ huge!

    The type of people who buy/drive those are exactly the type of right wing-NUT conservatives who only care about themselves (and it shows in their choice of vehicle) – “Look @ me: I got mine – who cares if you get yours.” If they were as Christian or as Christ-like as they **think** they are, they should have just bought a vehicle that meets their needs for basic transportation, and take the balance of the $$ and, well, maybe give it to an organization that helps to feed/cloth the hungry right in their own back yard/city.

    Now, about that leaping off a skyscraper….

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Come on, now, Boom Boom – yer scarin’ the kids.


    But I’m not complaining – too many people believe in *nothing*.

    Hey – I just need to know how to transfer my survey data into Excel (actually, into Open Office Calc, since I don’t have Excel on this machine), then analyze it. The math equations make no sense to me. I’ll mail you about it tonight or tomorrow. I had to give up a birthday party and some other stuff for this thing today – I want to throw it into ze dumpster…

  3. Bando

    My fave part was the “painting ourselves”. Hmm…Maybe it’s just a lack of sufficient sleep on my part, but should people really be painting themselves or even hiring someone else to paint them?

    BoomR – Speaking of painting….I’m a right-wing nutjob/evil conservative who drives a clown-car sized vehicle that gets 35 MPG, is a rabid recycler, and *doesn’t* think I’m Christ-like….let’s not paint all of us with the same brush. Like Fink says, yer scarin’ the kids. However, I do only care about myself, just ask Fink. :-)


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