Various & Sundry X

You know…this is the stuff of which Movies of the Week are made.

  1. Defraud your investors of their hard-earned cash.
  2. Park motorcycle in storage facility in Alabama.
  3. Leave fake suicide note.
  4. Take off from Indiana, flying private plane.
  5. Put in fake distress call en route.
  6. Parachute out. Ditch plane over Florida.
  7. Go to Alabama; retrieve motorcycle.
  8. Vanish.
  9. Get caught.


Remember Vicks Vapo-Rub? My mom used to make Mavis and me eat a teaspoon of it if we had a cold. (Yikes.) I used to put a spoonful of it in a hot steam vaporizer unit when my boys were sick or congested. I just put some on Jake’s chest a few weeks ago. Well, I won’t be doing that anymore.


I am not a Bono fan in the least. But either he has a ghost writer, or he wrote a fantastic op-ed piece on Frank Sinatra. Very well done, wouldn’t you say? And I totally agree with his take on Frank’s two versions of “My Way.” A really good read.


In 331 consecutive posts (I’ve never missed a single day) and 819 comments, no one at RtB has ever invoked Godwin’s Law.

Which means, of course, that someone will reply to this post and invoke it today.


10 thoughts on “Various & Sundry X

  1. Stein

    You know, I’ve heard so many stories of how to “properly” use Vicks rub that I’m not even sure what to do. I had a friend in high school who religiously lived by the belief that if you rub Vicks on your feet and put on two socks right before bed your cold won’t last as long. I’ve heard that if you put it in bruises they will go away. Anything from wacky cold “cures” to toothaches… The ONLY way I have ever used Vicks is if I have a ton of chest congestion and the coughing is keeping me awake at night. Another common misuse is muscle rub. (Ben Gay, BioFreeze, Icy Hot, whatever) I remember a few years back hearing of a girl that actually died from the misuse of Ben Gay. People…. READ THE LABELS!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Gee…maybe if you put Vicks on drummers’ fingers and put socks on their hands, it would cure what ails their “arrhythmia,” maybe that would help. Ya think???

  2. BoomR

    um…so I suppose you don’t really want to hear about (or see pictures of) what I look like since Cocoa the cat bit my leg as I was trimming my beard. My hand slipped & I shaved out a HUGE swatch across my cheek. So I thought: what the heck? I shaved it all off, save a small squarish patch of mustache right under my nose….

      1. BoomR

        OK, so my veiled attempt at sick humor + Godwin’s Law fell on deaf ears (as well it should). On a somewhat related topic, to coin a phrase: “hit me with a two-by-four, beam me up and call me James Traficant”!! What kind of craziness is this??

        …and today’s follow up

        1. Rat Fink Post author


          NOW I get it! I get it! I get it! Sheesh I am slow………”small squarish patch of mustache…”

          Sheesh what a dummy! That was awesome, babe. (But all cats *still* must die.)

          And what the….I read that original story about the people naming their kids Adolf & whatever, but the second article is news to me. Wonder what happened? Is being totally completely wacko against the law now? If so, lotsa folks be in deep doo…..

          And you get the award for invoking the dreaded Godwin this day. I will send you a pony.


  3. mathman

    I often question “why me” and anyone who know some of what I have gone through in my sort 32 years will understand why. I have though stopped asking why me, in the end it all seems to work out for the best. Do not sweat the “small stuff” (comp exam) because no matter what Jax you are the best and all things will work out in the end. Vic’s ont the feet of little ones is best they are too small to have it on the chest and it could burn them. This is what our Ped Doc told us. No sock needed though Stein LOL

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks Mathman — I appreciate the encouragement. You are a great friend, and I know you’ve gone through some garbage in your life too, and have come out victorious on the other side. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Greg

    My grandmother came from German stock and used to remove warts with a dried bean! Talk about old wives tales!! She’d rub a wart with a bean and plant it in the garden. When the bean sprouted, the wart would fall off–the glitch is that the wart-infested grandchild couldn’t watch as she planted the bean! I don’t know if this worked as I never had warts!


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