Various & Sundry XI

In the midst of a generally stinky week (for myriad reasons), this provided a couple minutes of levity:

Heh heh.


The other day, PK sent me a link to a Consumer Reports article that said Eight O’Clock brand coffee was considered tastiest, and that Starbucks didn’t even make the top shelf. (Last time I had coffee out there, I had to take mine back and have them brew me another latte … it totally tasted burned beyond belief.)

I am going to have to try out Eight O’Clock after I’m through with this pound of Dunkin’ Donuts beans.


Do I know some boss musicians or what? (“Chameleon” even! What a throwback…)


And I must say: I hate everything. Except you. And I will chop up sentences. If I want.

Fink. Out.

6 thoughts on “Various & Sundry XI

    1. Lars

      “Kody dear… if we are going to use chopped up sentences then let us not end them with a preposition, k?” (The best Fink/Mom impression I could come up with)

  1. Rat Fink Post author

    You’re welcome, Michael. You are an incredible player!

    And I remember when that picture was taken of you with Stan Kenton. What a thrill that must have been.


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