Various & Sundry XLIV

I wants to go to all the heres.

Some of these I already knew, but others, cool.

“Dogs don’t say ‘I love you’ with a hug.” They don’t? :-(

Coolest Central Park picture ever.

Yes, this morning I am a “bored panda.” A bored panda who hates Mondays. And now, a non sequitur…

We pretty much all have a span in our professional lives when we say, “This has been the most stressful, unhappy year ever.” It’s a close call for me this year, and of course it’s not the kids. I love them. It’s a bunch of other forces at work. Et maintenant, we drink a bitter wine. Seeing my grandsons this week should help. Gotta get on that.

I’m rambling. Stalling, actually. Time to giddyup.

2 thoughts on “Various & Sundry XLIV

  1. Mavis

    Wow! The “heres” are magnificent!!! Also, that is the coolest perspective of Central Park ever! And, Abby “tells” me she loves me all of the time with a big hug! :-) Oh, and a kiss, too!

    I hope next year is a better year at work for you, sweetie. At least the students have nothin’ but love for ya!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I am hoping that next year is better! And after yesterday, I’m not sure *all* my students have love for me, hahaha.

      Thanks for the encouragement — summer’s on the way!!! XO


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