Various & Sundry XXIX

Well cripes, it’s about time.

How are you this fine Tubesday morning? I must say there is much on my mind. Several states describe me this day: hopeful, worried, annoyed, sleepy, happy, dopey, grumpy, sneezy, bashful, bewitched, bothered, bewildered…they all fit.

True confession time: For most people, the Christmas holidays are a time of excitement, joy, hustle-bustle, looking forward to spending time with family and friends, hot cocoa and caroling, decorating the tree, shopping and going out to lunch. For me, the Christmas holidays are a bit stressful. I can’t enjoy anything about the holiday until after my concerts are over. Generally, that puts me at around the 16th of December. Then it’s a mad rush to Christmas Eve, smashed within those eight days.

Still, I shouldn’t and can’t complain. One month from today, it’ll all be over for the year (another true confession: I strongly dislike 99% of all Christmas music — maybe it’s because it’s all I do from September through December) and I can begin to look forward to some time off before January hits and Dinner Theatre rehearsals overtake my life.

Not all Christmas music is bad, btw. I cannot listen to this song without openly weeping. I have come from so far away, down the road of my own mistakes…how true. Look up the lyrics; you will also weep. (BoomR, you need to sing this at church this Christmas.)

I wish you a heart full of peace today. We all need it.


2 thoughts on “Various & Sundry XXIX

  1. Tom Hanks

    I am starting to like most christmas music less and less as I grow older. The only christmas/holiday music I could listen to any time would be stuff from the Peanuts movies. We need more christmas jazz.

    I’m looking forward to your concert.


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