Various & Sundry XXXIII

Check this out. A 16-year-old student of mine did this for his art project. What a talent. I was flattered, too, until some goob posted on Facebook that I looked like “Hil Dog.” Aaaaaaand now I’m depressed.


Now why didn’t I discover¬†this earlier? (Oh yeah…it’s so amazing, he’s been keeping it a secret.) Do you mean to tell me there’s a young, beautiful, skinny, jet-setting investment-banker-ballerina-movie-star version of me out there somewhere? Les jump, brotha.


Seen in the comment list on a word nerd site: Monet makes the Van Gogh. I admit, it was so dumb, I laffed.


Next summer is my 35th high school reunion. I’ve never been to one (never wanted to go). Should I go to this one?


So I hit Time‘s site to see the 2011 poll for Most Influential Person, and who do I find as #1? Most influential? Like, to the nation?¬†If that’s the case, abandon all hope, for we are surely doomed.

PS, I like Wednesdays. ‘Specially those early release kind.



8 thoughts on “Various & Sundry XXXIII

  1. RD

    The pictures of you are wonderful. However, I rather see you in person. As for class reunions, I’ve never been to a high school one and my 50th is this year, and I’m not going to break my record. I went to my university 25th reunion, and only three of us showed up. So, I won’t be doing that again. either. Hey, maybe I’m just antisocial. Hope the Fink is having a wonderful Wednesday.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey you! When you get back up north from your tropical paradise, look me up. You owe me a Bux! And I can’t believe only 3 people came to your 25th reunion!

      And you, antisocial? Sheah RIGHT – I gotta fight for a time on your list when you’re up here. You are, of course, The Man.


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