Washington II


Glad we decided to change plans and go to Seattle yesterday. Rain was forecast, and it rained for quite awhile on the drive up. But as we got to the city, the clouds quieted down and the sun actually appeared for a few minutes!

We really enjoyed the Pike Place Market. Of course, we watched (but couldn’t catch on film, dangit) the guys throw the fish around at the Fish Market. Funny stuff; the

The fish toss guys

The fish toss guys

mongers really interact with the crowd — both the guys posted on the floor (who actually throw the fish) to the guys behind the counter, who catch, weigh and wrap them for customers.

(We sure wished there had been a way to take some of those fantastic salmon fillets with us; I’m afraid the shipping cost makes me a bit ooky. :-( )

We LOVED the small, out of the way (in the basement of PPM) Market Diner. Wish I’d snapped a photo, but I was too busy snarfing my salmon wrap and Caesar salad — wow it was fantastic. The Thriller had the same, but with chicken, and we were both delighted.

Then we shopped, and ended up buying two squares of fantastic Belgian chocolate (gone already), and these little gems: rice cakes covered in bittersweet chocolate. Gluten-free, vegan, only 80 calories for two pieces…what’s not to love? Psh.

On the way back to the lodge, we crossed the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. We all remember seeing footage of the collapse of this bridge in November of 1940 (video here, complete with awesome dramatic music and narration — love it). Fortunately, our crossing was not nearly as eventful. :-D

Today is somewhat of a housecleaning day. We’re going through suitcases and consolidating some stuff, doing laundry, cleaning out the car, and spending the day in Chehalis, where we’ll see World War Z after taking care of errands. That should take us through to dinnertime, at which time we’ll drive back here to the lodge, drive into Packwood and find somewhere fun to eat and close out our stay here.

The Crest Trail Lodge has been a great base of operations; pretty much centrally located from all the places we’ve been (Rainier, St. Helens, Seattle). We caught our first elk sighting, along the side of the road near the lodge. They are supposed to haunt the lawn and grounds every day, but we have been here three days and have yet to see one. We’re convinced they know they’re being stalked, so they’re hiding, laughing at us.

OK, time to get moving. Hope your week got off to a good start!

One thought on “Washington II

  1. Mavis

    Wow! Great photos!!! Everything looked so wonderful, sweetie. Thanks for posting and keeping us fiends updated!

    I want a review on WWZ!!!!


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