Waxing nostalgic III (and a rant)

Isn’t it funny how the strangest things remind you of times past? I was at the pharmacy yesterday morning, and passed a wall full of bags of Brach’s candies. Once again, I was taken back to my childhood, when, if Mavis and I were really good while out shopping, Mother would take us to the candy counter at F.W. Woolworth and allow us each to get a small bag of chocolates. Mavis almost always chose the M & Ms, and I alternated between the Brach’s chocolate stars and malted milk balls. Yummy on that last one. Anyway, it always brings back fond memories. We thought it was such a huge deal, getting that candy — a whole 4-oz. bag, all to ourselves and we didn’t have to share. Bliss.

It also reminded me of the crying shame of Brach’s selling out to Farley’s & Sathers (makers of cheapy treats like Chuckles and Now and Later), who changed the malted milk ball recipe and brought a wonderful confectionery era to a miserable end.

A few months back, I brought home a bag of “Malts,” as they’re called now, and ripped it open to enjoy them after not having had them for a long time. Imagine my disappointment. Flat-tasting malted milk crunchy things, covered in brown wax.

I sent the company an email. Told them I’d been eating Brach’s MMB since 1965, and did they not think I would notice the dumbing down of the recipe? I said that if I’d wanted cardboard covered in wax, I would have bought Whoppers.

Of course, I never heard back from them, and it’s not that F & S would do anything about it anyway. But honestly…do they think we’re stupid and can’t tell? Or is it simply a matter of not caring?

I pine for the days before corn syrup took over.

Happy Finkday! Let the madness begin…

4 thoughts on “Waxing nostalgic III (and a rant)

  1. Mavis

    You’ve made me crave a large, malted milkshake!! With extra malt! 62 degrees out today…sitting in the sun drinking a malt and thinking of better malt days. :o)


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