We can send a man to the moon…

…but we can’t yadda-yadda. Do you ever say that? I guess it’s an outdated phrase. I remember when everyone said it. I like to say it, because so many things in this world just make me mad. Here’s a short list:

Annoying Things

  • DayQuil packages that require hedge trimmers to open
  • Always – always – choosing the checkout lane where I end up behind someone who has an issue, which takes 15 minutes to resolve
  • The fact that hot dogs (in general) come in packages of ten, but the buns come in packages of eight: a classic case of “Hey, let’s bait consumers into buying more crap – they’ll never notice!”
  • People who work a lot less than I do, but make a lot more money
  • Cigarettes and alcohol are open for anyone to purchase, but my Claritin-D is behind the pharmacy barrier and I have to wait in line and ask for it specifically because it’s potentially dangerous
  • The fact that many people in very high places do not know how to write a simple, complete sentence
  • American Idol
  • People who say, “I don’t use email. I prefer face-to-face contact.” (Insert slapping noise here.)
  • The fact that every time I wash my truck, it rains
  • When I go to Wally or the pharmacy to get one specific thing….and they’re out of it
  • The knowledge that after my show closes, and the adrenaline which has been keeping me alive and functioning on 4 hours of sleep per night drains away, I will become horrifically ill
  • The niggling fear that after I’ve spent 2 years and $40,000 on a doctoral education, I won’t pass the exit exams
  • That my sacred, never-to-be-messed-with daily blog time of 5:15 – 6:00 a.m. goes by way too fast

Annoyed, but not down yet,


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