Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m.

How fitting for a rambling treatise. I’ve been up since 3, and it’s Wednesday morning. I hear ya, Paul Simon. (Although I didn’t rob a liquor store last night.)

I must confess that there is much on my brain as of late. Yesterday was quite the crazy 24 hours. I had a refreshing epiphany in the morning about a personal issue, but a disappointing near-meltdown in high school choir. I met with a small group of wonderful, hard-working music parents, then spent some time in text messages with two devastated basketball players after a crushing six-point loss in an important tournament game. I learned that 350 tickets were sold in one day’s time for Dinner Theatre, then came home to find that the VA is screwing around with the Thriller’s tuition reimbursements. (I hate money, truly.) The highs and lows — I experienced all and sundry yesterday.

Ya know…life has a funny way of sneakin’ up on you when you think everything’s OK.


It’s a melancholy morning. My brain is full of unfinished business; kind of like my rehearsal schedule. This will be a day of getting things done. Cleaning out cobwebs, both personally and professionally. Do you ever have days when you think it’s probably all you’re going to be able to do to put one foot in front of the other? What do we say on days like this? Mama said there’d be some, fo sho. But it doesn’t make them any easier to slog through. Yes, I ended a sentence in a preposition, and you know what? I care not. There is chocolate in my school bag. (Thanks Meg!)

Maybe I’ll have some coffee. You know, I’ve had probably ten cups of coffee since New Years Day. Pretty awesome, eh? Now if I could just do that with the chocolate…

I know what I really need, and that’s a good dose of the Js. Seeing them for an hour on Sunday was not enough. Dinner Theatre, Dinner Theatre: you steal my grandchildren from me.

Eleven more rehearsal days, and I’m still waiting to stage one of the numbers. Innat fantastic? Because of the tournament game last night, I had to cancel rehearsal. When I made the announcement, one of the cast members said, “Yay.” I’ll leave my subsequent reaction to your imagination.

But hey, the week’s half over and we’re on the way to Finkday. A good sign indeed. I hope you’re well, my fiends.





6 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning, 3 a.m.

  1. Rae

    ‘…one of my cast members said ‘Yay’.” That’s funny. But not ‘funny-ha-ha’, but ‘funny-glare-of-excruciating-pain–and-eventual-suffering’. Just my opinion. I’m sure you’d be different from me. You’re positive…

  2. BoomR

    AMEN to “life has a funny way of sneakin’ up on you when you think everything’s OK.” :-(

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    Hey thanks, everyone. Rehearsal went pretty well tonight, so there is hope indeed! I think I’m going to turn in early tonight — too many things sneakin’ up on me. :-)


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