Weekend warrior

I have no clue what that means, but it sounds good to me for today and tomorrow.

Things are bizzy around the Fink warren. I’ve been up since 6, paying bills, calling my vision insurance company (funny how it falls to the customer to solve the problems between insurance and doctors), making a grocery list and getting ready to dig into the JECO website¬†for the first time to do some much-needed updating. I need to order my fall bulbs, get in the shower, do the errands and get ready for Drago’s 6-day visit with us, while BFF Kay and Bob are in Pennsylvania. Should be a hoot, having a puppy in the house along with Old Granddad Rousseau.

So, all that and a bag of chips. Monday it’s all day at school, then Tuesday the insanity officially begins. Again: my life is one big party.

What about you? I hope you’ve planned something relaxing and fun for the weekend. Do tell.

5 thoughts on “Weekend warrior

  1. Lori

    I think Drago and my Sophie would have a grand time together! First football games, marching band tech day, and stuck in there somewhere, our 24th anniversary celebration. Happy Weekend!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Fantastic, Lori! Happy anniversary, fiend! Twenty-four years is quite an accomplishment (two decades with the same man? Sheeyewww!). Congratulations to both of you. Tell Mr. Lori I said hey.

      I remember late August marching band rehearsals…it’s an exciting time, and I understand Sophie likes all the attention!

  2. Suzanne

    Drago will add a lot of fun, Rousseau will be a glad to have some same-species-type company hahaha :)

    Busy is not the word here, girrrrl! But busy can be good….as long as you find some down-time along the way. XOXO

    Me? Well let’s see. Tonight I need to get my plums cooked and canned. Maybe whip up a batch of plum muffins.Work tomorrow and it’s supposed to be a wonderfully nice sunny day so I am looking forward to that. Sunday H has night shift so I plan on being vewy vewy quiet while he sleeps and catch up on Facebook and other stuff…maybe catch some rays….

    Party on!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Plum. Muffins. OMG that sounds fabulous!! Are they really good? I’d love to try it.

      Your weekend is what I want. I may get a little bit of that — my morning breakfast date had to cancel, so I’m not running for the shower yet — and the Thriller has class from 9-1, so it’ll just be me and the dogs. I could even get some StumbleUpon time in, wow!

      Hope you’re enjoying that sunny day, doll!

      1. Suzanne

        We are having the muffins this afternoon with coffee. Can you believe that I did NOT eat one yesterday? I must be losing my mind! hahaha (don’t be impressed I ate plenty of other crap) I put too much mix in the muffin cups and they overflowed so I did eat the globs that formed on the baking pan. It was GOOOOOOD!! Almost like an oatmeal cookie. I used this recipe.

        I didn’t do the topping but instead topped them off with some walnuts and then sprinkles with vanilla sugar.

        My day in the sun was great but I need a nap. I slept really horribly last night (too hot then too cold then too hot then too cold) and am wiped out.

        Enjoy your quiet time! Are the dogs getting along OK?


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