Weird Wednesday V

Mmm, yummy.

Haven’t done a WW post in a while. It was 2009, to be exact. Not that there haven’t been plenty of weird Wednesdays, mind (and Thursdays and Mondays and…); I’ve just not written about them. Behold the peculiarity:

  • The Indians (yes, she’s talking about them again) actually won their first game of the season. That hasn’t happened in four years.
  • As I dumped a big ol’ fistful of spinach into the Ninja this morning, I thought, “Can one eat too much spinach?” Well, apparently, one can. Guess I’ll have to switch it up. And for the record, no olive oil is ever sliding down this throat *ewwwww shudder*, so I’ll just have to make do.
  • I didn’t get massively sick after Joseph closed, as is my standard habit after a show run. *looking up for other shoe*
  • This.

And that’s all the oddity I have time for this morning, alas. Time to get ready to go to work: the job I sometimes dread, often absolutely love, and always appreciate, because I am blessed to actually have a job.

Random neuron firing: I just thought to myself, before pressing the “Publish” link — What if this isn’t Wednesday? Haha. Rat Fink, Rat Fink. What a donkey.

Halfway to the weekend; we can do this!

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