What is this “delegate”…

…of which you speak?

Last week, an intern was brought on board for one of my web clients. And lemme tell you something, fiends: webmasters are worse than sopranos and toddlers. As soon as her name was announced, I began to think selfish thoughts. Is she here to take over? Are they making me share my toys? Thinking about replacing me? Firing me? Giving me the old heave-ho, because a younger, prettier version was found?

They comes in and wants to take the Preciousssssssss — wicked, tricksy, false

*SmAcK* I really just need to learn to delegate. Those of you who know me know I’m terrible at it. I’m convinced it comes from a long history of self-doubt and fear of rejection. I’m a big fat neurosis smorgasbord, that’s what I am. As the Thriller is wont to say, it’s enough to pi$$ off the Pope.

How do you handle it? How do you relinquish your iron hold on things? I know there are people around me who are plenty capable of doing what I do — ain’t nobody irreplaceable. But it’s the initial releasing of the death grip…just…can’t…do it…ARRRG

Of course, I don’t know anyone else with this problem *coughCOUNTRYMOUSEcoughBANDOcough*, so I guess I’m in this ocean all by meself; lonely, no one to talk to, miserable. :-(

Filthy little hobbitses…

12 thoughts on “What is this “delegate”…

  1. Country Mouse

    I have NO IDEA what you are talking about?!!?!?

    You and I have had this discussion before but I’ll offer my insight for everyone to learn from….for me delegating is all about letting go of control! I know that I can be replaced and I know that there is more than one way to do things it’s just that in my mind it works SO much better if I do it myself!!!!
    That being said though I have learned to delegate (some things) in order to be able to keep my sanity. Contrary to what I may think I am not superhuman and I cannot do it all. Huge admission here – I DO get tired! In order for me to be able to delegate comfortably I have to organize whatever it is that I am giving up and then pass it along to someone else in a clear and concise manner…..then I have to let go. I have learned to accept that as long as it gets done it doesn’t always have to get done MY way. I also have to accept that sometimes I will end up “putting out fires” and cleaning up other peoples messes. Surprisingly though I have found that once I have been able to delegate and let it go and accept that how it happens is how it is going to happen IT IS FINE!!!!!
    Good luck!!! Sorry I’m not around anymore to be a person that you ARE willing to delegate to!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      That’s the thing, though…I’m always worried that I’ll prepare everything to the “T,” then give it up, and it’ll get all changed around. It’s ridiculous to worry such a worry, but I worry it nonetheless. Am I mental??

      I have to get to the “accept how it happens is how it’s going to happen” part. I’m workin’ on it! Kinda. HA

  2. Meg

    Worse than sopranos, eh? That is pretty bad.
    And for the record you ARE irreplaceable. Well to most of us anyway. I think. :)

  3. Bando

    I’m going to blame my inability to relinquish control on my parents who always expected (but never pressured) me to do everything and be the best at doing it – my dad is the same way. It was just assumed that if I undertook a task, hobby, sport that I would excel. I guess I view my career that way, as I have all other things since I can remember. Not that I’m necessarily excelling – but I’m attempting to and that benefits the students I teach.

    That is not my dearest personality trait, I must admit. It makes me unnecessarily busy, stressed, crabby; but it also brings me immense joy to see those projects through. It causes me to seek out great friends who have to remind me of the bigger picture, like you!


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