What was I doing…

…when I couldn’t sleep at 3 a.m.?

And now I’ve smoked every level in every world in all three games (Angry Birds, AB Seasons and AB Rio), getting every secret banana, watermelon, coconut, egg, mango…what to do now?

Ah, right. Work. Oi. But hey, the weekend’s coming, and in between writing rhythm section and horn parts and rehearsing, it’s time for another test drive on a cake. This time it’s carrot cake with cream cheese filling & icing. The Thriller is all too happy to be my taste-tester.

Rehearsals this past week have been, well…interesting. Hey, here’s an awesome non sequitur: I hardly ever remember my dreams/nightmares. Only rarely. Well before I forget it, I have to tell you about the nightmare that woke me up at 3:00 this morning.

I was driving on the interstate in a strange SUV with people I didn’t know. Cut to scene: I’m in the ladies’ room at a rest stop, and some woman keeps trying to open the bathroom stall door and expose me to all & sundry. I keep asking her to knock it off. Cut to scene: I’m sitting in some court room. Seems I cold-cocked the gal and she sued me. Who’s my lawyer? Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. HAAAA. I keep telling him that I have absolutely no recollection of striking the woman. He says, “Hey, you gotta tell the judge.” I no sooner get the words out of my mouth than the judge says, “Remand her to custody.” As I plead with the strangers I was driving with to save me, I jar awake and look at the clock — 3:04.

Fantastic. What could it all mean? I consulted Dream Doctor and shook the 8-ball. The closest explanation I could find was this:

 If a dreamer searches for a bathroom but cannot find a private location (all the shower stalls are exposed, or strangers are present causing the dreamer to be uncomfortable), the dream may indicate fear of expressing one’s “private behaviors” in public.


So hey, tell me the weirdest dream you’ve ever had. I shall interpret.

Fink of many colors (and secrets, apparently)

5 thoughts on “What was I doing…

  1. Greg

    I woke up this morning thoroughly irritated!!!!! I had a dream I was back in the classroom and I was speaking with a student (now a former student!) in the hallway outside my room when he turned around without a word and walked away from me while I was speaking. I told him to return and he kept walking. About that time I woke up annoyed and then realized I’d been dreaming it all! I was retired, I didn’t have to get out of bed, didn’t have to deal with students and the sun was shining! Could it be a latent wish to get back to the classroom? I don’t think so!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hmmmmmm. I think if it was a latent wish to be teaching again, I’d recommend a psychiatrist instead of a dream interpreter! LOL

      Let’s see here. You might be concerned that you’re beginning to lose some control over certain situations, or that someone important in your life is disregarding your opinions. Or you fear your values aren’t being respected.

      And of course, I totally just made all this up.

  2. Suzanne

    When I was teaching I would dream that I was late for work and my KIDS showed up at my apartment to get me. I don’t sleep in pajamas and in my dream I would hear the kids outside and panic because I couldn’t find any PJs to throw on. Now I dream about being late for work, it’s evening, I still have to sort tons of mail and then deliver it!!

    I also remember the nightmares, or maybe they were night terrors, I had when I was a kid. The nightmare began with huge pins chasing after me, then a big bridge burning down. Sounds silly but believe me, in my little 5-yr-old mind I was scared to death and…usually having wet the bed when I finally woke up. Yes I had that problem and I think that my brain was trying to scare me awake to get me to the bathroom but it didn’t work.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Oh my, night terrors are real! I’ve had them too. Huge pins chasing you…whoa. what a visual!

      And the “I’m late” dream is classic for overachievers and people pleasers, I think. I’ve had several flavors of that nightmare for years. I don’t usually remember the details of the dreams, but their effect ruins the rest of the night!

      Have you ever had a nightmare where your teeth fall out? I’ve had that one several times. It means something, but I’m too lazy to look it up. HA

      XO – I owe you a mail!

      1. Lori

        I have the dream where all my teeth fall out– but I always smoke a cigarette first Mind you, I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life nor have I even thought about smoking a cigarette! And, according to this dream, I have hundreds and hundreds of teeth because I just keep spitting them out by the mouthful!


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