Ya makes yer choices…

…and ya lives with the consequences.

Yesterday afternoon, after my work for the day was done, I watched a couple of movies — and ate some junk food to go along with them.

Barf. I mean the movies were good (Up in the Air and Everybody’s Fine — both definitely get a 4-cheese rating), but the fact that I felt I needed to munch on everything from Oreos to M&Ms pretty much negated my 6-lb. weight loss over the last 2 weeks in one day. It felt like it, at least.

But hey, we’re back on the wagon today, so that’s all that matters. And what a wagon ride it’s going to be. Rehearsals straight into Dinner Theatre opening on the 26th, followed by leaving for New York on choir tour three days later. On Easter Sunday, however, the Fink will rest. And rest, and rest, and rest, and hopefully see my family.

But no more junk food for awhile. *bLArK*

Happy Monday.

2 thoughts on “Ya makes yer choices…

  1. Suzanne

    Hey yer not alone!! I always do really well during the week and then the weekend hits and BAM cookie, 2 cookies, 3 cookies, whatever. *sigh* Am working on trying to lower portions and eating what I like, so far it’s working as far as meals go. Snack? HA what’s portion control LOL So Fink you are not alone in your wagon ride. :)

  2. PKPudlin

    I second that – I’m on this wagon ride too, and have been for quite the haul. I’m 2/3 of the way home, though so keeping my eye on the goal is the ticket for me. Don’t be too hard on yerself, Finkster. It’s a process. As long as you get back on the wagon one time more than you fall off, you’re good.


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