You went and got me started.

(Thanks, Mave, for getting me all riled up.)

Some things just ain’t fair. Take, for instance, our government. Constitution? Feh! Check this, homey…

  1. The US government allows the open and unrestricted sale of alcohol (to anybody over the age of 21), despite the fact that in 2007, likkered up drivers caused more fatal accidents in cars than ever before.
  2. The Kennedy-Kyl Bill prohibits internet gambling in one’s own household. Here’s a great essay on it from 1998.
  3. Pornography -proven to have psychological effects that have led men to violent acts against women AND children, not to mention consistently exploiting women for 100 years – is openly displayed in “news stands” all over the country.

How can this happen in America?, you ask. We’re all the Land of the Whatever & Such. Well, friend, that may be the $640,000 question (I know there’s an extra zero – inflation).

I could go on a day-long rant about numbers 1 and 3. There’s all kinds of research on it out there. And although I have no personal issue with booze, alcohol has ruined the lives of many of my family, and consistently makes others act like fools – some of whom need little help doing so as it is.

It’s the Kyl bill that smokes my tobaccy. There are NO laws against drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes in one’s own home – behaviors that have repeatedly proven to cause death – as in, people stop breathing and die and kill other people with their cars – yet, I can’t play internet poker for real money in my own home because it’s against the law and it might harm me. Tell me that makes sense. Triple-dog-dare ya. Well, you can’t, because it don’t. Er, doesn’t.

The real reason, as we all know, is the overarching, suffocating power of the political lobby. In other words: money makes the world go around. In still other words: let people kill themselves by smoking and drinking themselves to death, or by polluting their pathetic psyches with porn, because those are personal choices. But boyo – don’t go touching the banks. People who spend their credit card balances on gambling – now there’s a problem, folks. That’s a choice we are going to control. Because, you know, gambling kills more children than anything else in the world, and we must save the children from their parents.

Puh. Leez.

Either let the gander do what’s good for the goose, or leave everyone alone.

Fink out (because I gotta get ready for school now).

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