Fourteen days. I got this.

As many of you know, I usually dread the end of Thanksgiving break, because it means only one thing: Christmastiiiiime is heeeeeere…

Truth be told — when I hear or read folks talking about how excited they are for the Christmas month, I feel kind of ooky. I think to myself, someday, I will say that, too. But hey, no complaints here. Or there shouldn’t be, anyway. :-) It comes with the job, and I knew that going in. Besides, there are two lovely weeks on the other side of all these performances when I get to complain that I need to get back to work. Haha

So, here’s the deal. Gigs on the 7th, 11th, 13th, 17th and 22nd. That’s not too bad, actually. There have been fuller Decembers. I told the Thriller last night that I am going to improve my attitude from one of dread, stress and worry to a “let’s go get ’em!” mindset. That sounds like a plan, no? Thing is, I have to get past the “taking this stuff way too seriously” point. I want everything to be perfect — especially on my end. The kids will be loved no matter what. I stress over things like sound, lighting, kids passing out, mistakes/omissions in the printed program, kids showing up dressed appropriately, and of course, the biggy: the possibility of my causing something to fall apart.

I’ve been told by much wiser people than I to just “relax and enjoy it; all will be well.” I’m really, really going to see how and if that can be done, although anyone who directs or performs for a living will probably tell you that that kind of quasi-confidence (or complacency) can sometimes be a recipe for eventual disaster — and boy do I have stories to prove it.

So it’s the balance; finding the balance, Grasshoppa. I will enjoy the experience as much as I can. Fourteen days. Light the cannon fuse.

6 thoughts on “Fourteen days. I got this.

  1. David

    Just want to “Amen” what RD said about enjoying ALL the moments of the Christmas season! You do what you do cause you love it and you are exceptionally talented, that is your arena Finkster! You got this! This is in your wheel house!
    The residual fruit of Balance is Perspective. An important word for all of us blessed with the perfectionist gene. In the end I run all things through the “Does anyone die?” test, helps me keep it in perspective.

    Will pray for stamina…Peace!

  2. Bando

    Do I ever understand! My dates are 11th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 18th. Then DT auditions on the 19th, cast list up on the 20th, and hopefully everyone still speaking to me by the time we get back in January. Like you, this is not the fullest scheduling I’ve dealt with in a December. I plan to enjoy every minute I can this month – hanging out with my over-excited children, making most of the gifts I’m giving, and baking some tasty stuff…..without getting hung up on the job too much. I wish you the ability to relax. :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Girl — you have more gigs than I do this month. And I totally forgot about my auditions (16th). I’m sure you won’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll be speaking to you. They love you, and for good reason!

      I am definitely going to try just looking on the bright side of life during this insane month. Good luck with all your performances! We need to have a coffee over break.


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